Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Blogger, New Name!

Hey Peoples, what's shaking?!
A few posts ago (this one scroll down a bit) I introduced my dear friend (might as well be family - and, yes, she's as  crazy as me!) to Blogland and asked ya'll to stop by and say hey. Well, the blog has a new name, so will you sweeties please, please hop on over to The Inclusive Schoolhouse? and say HEY HEY HEY and give her a great big LAND OF BLOG welcome?! Thank you ever so much! 
It's true, she's not a ...but she is a woman of many talents and a HUGE !! LOL, my bad, almost forgot, her name is Janet, as I'm sure you remember from the previous post!

Oh Me, Oh My....I have started the most divine (click on photo) goodies that as much as I hate to duplicate items that I've knit that I'm just going to have to do so and knit them for me, too!  So - obviously ya'll figured out you are each getting something different - but, I wonder what these things could be ?! LOL! 
Oh - botheration, I'm just not goin' to worry my lil' ole' head about such things, just might give  me the vapors and I sure can't do proper knittin' with the vapors , now can I?! 

Ya'll all have a good day now
Ya'll remember to stop by and say hey to Janet, please!


Julie said...

O I cannot wait! I've given lots of ideas to you right??? ;-)

The One and Only Becka said...

hahahahaha you will NEVER know, my dear! Well, you will next month (I so hope), but only teasing until then and I'm a big tease - and proud of it - hahahahahaha