Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I must be quick....and I will, promise! (well, I tried....)

Okay, my sweetie just called me to tell me that he had gotten my Valentine's Day gift! He's like that, such a tease!
Well, here's the deal...ya'll know I collect vintage yarn holders. Last week I broke my favorite one ...YES, BROKE IT! Well, thank God, it's a very clean break and Lonnie can fix it without it ever being seen...yes, he is very, very multi-talented ).
Okay, I was shattered, thankfully, much more so than it was, and decided to look around Ebay for yarn holders, hadn't in months! Well, last night (middle of the night, couldn't sleep because of pain, so I was prowling the house) I saw the very same person that sold this one with another one that I had wanted for sale (for whatever reason, it hadn't sold the last time, I think it's the location, but I digress, imagine that, LOL!) - BUY IT NOW! Anyway, I clicked "watch it."
Well, with my hip/leg bothering me today I was in the bed and My Honey called to tease me about having gotten my Valentine's Day gift....he so knows it drives me crazy! Then he told me he got the yarn holder! Now, this isn't the same photo as the last time, it was much clearer, the colors more vibrant, so, imagine this with much brighter colors like the one I broke...well, not that bright because there's no white in it, but GORGEOUS just the same.
NOW tell me, how sweet is that man?!

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like you all to welcome a very, very good friend of mine, Janet, to The Land of Blog , drop by and welcome her at the Electric Blackboard. Janet has a very sweet handicapped child, Lindsay and this blog is (as I understand it) for those with handicapped kids, work with them, have contact with them, etc. to have a voice. It's centralized for our area, but I'm sure all voices are welcome. Anyway, stop by and say hey to Janet....she may not knit, but you will NEVER find a nicer (or funnier) person, she's part of our family and has been for years!


Julie said...

what a sweet man you married!

carole said...

lucky you!

did you see kris' new design it's flower garden.. beautiful. and up on ravelry as well

del said...

How wonderful. It sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day!