Saturday, February 23, 2008

PAY IT FORWARD reminder!!!

Hey Knitty Peeps!! What's shaking?!
Okay, I thought it time to remind everyone about the (click on photo for info). It's hard to believe that I began almost 6 months ago! WOW!
We also have a cool PIF group on Ravelry, if you are a member, come on by and check us out!
Okay, we have a few new members in our Ravelry group who are in need of PIF angels and I said that I would HAPPILY post their names and blogs so you could stop by and check them out and, if you would like, join with them....let me tell you, IT'S A BLAST!!!
1st of all we have the one and only Sabine and you can find her right here (just leave a comment, apparently Blogger takes care of the language stuff! Cool, huh?!). She needs 2 on over and help her out, k?! OH yeah, she is known as strickzicke on Ravelry.
Secondly we have Amber from Knit My World and is known as knitmyworld on Ravelry. Amber also needs 2 angels. So, give her a hand....ya know you want to!
I found this so appealing not only because I'm making something (anything) and giving it to 3 people that I don't know, but have the pleasure of getting to know and becoming friends. AND, not only that, we have 6 months in which to do it...HOW COOL IS THAT?! Even I can make something for 3 people in 6 months! Although, I readily admit that mine will be late due to illness and my angels completely understand...that's the way these people are, all loving and's so worth joining and having this fun, it's very rewarding above all things! And, of course, the greatest friends!
So, stop by and see these girls and join them (join all of us)for the Pay It Forward Exchange, it will be one of the greatest things you've done this year. AND, is they are full, the beauty of this exchange is this, you can then sign up with one of the people that signed up with them!
Thanks for your time and thanks, most especially, for joining us!!!


Sabine said...

So nice! Thank you very much for your support. My first gift is almost done cause I liked it so much. So my future angels - don't be shy ;o)...

sewfunky said...

I have just gotten on the "pay it forward" challenge. I'm in need of one more angel to share the goodness...

This is a fantastically cool thing to be a part of!

becka said...

WOW, you are FAST, girl!
Happy to see that you are a part of PIF, too,'s so cool, I hope it goes on for years and years!

Nora said...

Lovely to hear from you again. I'm glad you're feeling better. x