Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surprises from My HoneyMan

As anyone who has ever read my blog knows - I have the BEST HUSBAND in the WORLD! He shows me in so many ways. I don't know what I've done to deserve such a man, but he is one of God's greatest gifts to me and I thank God for my Music Man (check it out, I used a code name! Perhaps I am getting back into the bloggin' swing of things, I used Lonnie's code name....OOPS! Well, I'm trying, all I can say.....).

As I was saying, the very best husband in the world! He spoils me rotten in so many ways! My goodness, because of my surgery, I can't bend over very far.....when he gets home there is often a trail of items that I've dropped that he picks up without one word! Does the laundry without a word, tells me it's easier for him to do it - this is after I've asked him to please set the clothes on top of the washer dryer set (similar to these: ) so that I could easily reach the clothes & not have to bend....but he does the laundry, vaccuums, whatever....without a thought. Well, I take that back, he thinks about me!

And, of course, he's kind to everyone! All of the people at work come to him with all things, he is a good listener, gives good advice; people enjoy working for him and with him. And, they always take notice of what an exceptional husband and father he is....hard not to!

And, my goodness, EXTREMELY FUNNY! LOL, keeps us in "stitches" around the dinner table at family get togethers.

I could go on and on and on, but I won't right now.

I want to show you what he has done since my surgery (May 26) ..... by way of surprising me, that is, with gifts (today's date is June 24, I will post this entry in my blog later since I've already made 2 posts today - thank God I'm feeling better!)! Now, I'm not showing photos of the countless (not even kidding) bottles of my favorite lotions and bath soaps from Bath and BodyWorks, believe me when I tell you I'm set for several months with lotion (and the shower soap scent to go with) for months - and I use lotion and cream all day & night (dry skin as a result of my meds).

I collect vintage lucite purses. The ones that have had for years have a hard shell - notice the purse in the photo in the header, this is one I've had for over 20 years, it's from the 1950's. Well, I saw some on Ebay that were made from lucite beads and loved them. Of course, they appeared in the mail: and this clutch: I LOVE these bags! Of course, he knew that!

And another one, almost forgot.....I don't know if any of you are of age to remember the retro "magazine" clutches from the '70s or not...but, a friend of mine had one when we were kids and my mom told me no, that I didn't need one. Well, I was looking on Ebay after surgery, saw a replica and wanted to watch it to see what it the replicas were going for, it, too, was a gift from my Music Man: (it is cool, don't ya think?!)

And then there are the watches! Oh, allow me to preface this with I love the "Girl M&M" character - she's sassy & sexy! And, 2 of my favorite classic movies are The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind (both of which I have collector's editions of VHS tapes and dvds, yep, for my honey!). I love watches, different watches, remember the Mickey Mouse watch that he surprised me with a few months ago?! One day he came home with her: Is she SASSY or what?! And these guys: "Tomorrow is another day......." I can hear Scarlett saying that now! And then one day, he calls me and tells me, "I have a surprise for you!" LOL, he loves to do that because it makes me crazy having to wait to see what it is! The surprise: I love the tins that these watches come in, too! The Wizard tin looks exactly like the basket that Dorothy carried Toto in!!

Oh, that's not all, either! Two days ago a lovely vintage lucite Very colorful, goes with all of my watches! And purses, too!

Yep, I'm spoiled rotten by this man on a regular basis, and he amps up the spoilage (way up) post operatively!

And, when all is said and done, the gifts, from Silly Putty to diamonds are not what spoils me, that would be the unconditional love that I am blessed to receive from this remarkable man! I love you, Music Man (Guitar Man, Honey Man, code names I won't share here, LOL!!). Yes, I am blessed.

JUST ...... WOW!!!! Okay, today, a few short hours after I finished this blog post and saved it to draft to post another day (because I posted twice today!) my sweet husband called me & told me he was headed home early (always nice!) and going by the vet to get Sally (got shots today and a recheck). In the middle of the conversation he told me that he had yet another surprise for me....CAN YOU BELIEVE?! I was stunned, and, of course, tried to pry any information out of him and I was, as usual, not a bit successful!

So, he walks in, Sally runs in to say "Hey, I'm home!" and hands me 2 boxes! Okay, I know you see the theme that we have going, Lonnie gets "theme" watches for me from a friend at work. Today, Fabulous Minnie Mouse

AND, Marilyn Monroe!!!!!

OMGoodness, I'm flabbergasted, gobsmacked, really, really thrilled!!! I do really love watches, always have....but, not a simple watch that just tells time, a watch that makes a fun statement, and these certainly do!!!! And the tins that they are in are simply stunning...Marilyn's lips, how cool is that?!

Like I said, best husband in the world!!! And, on top of all of this and all that he is....he's taken ?Friday off so that we can just hang together. Yeah, I'm a happy wife!

PS - July 7, 2009
My WONDERFUL husband has continued spoiling me rotten!
He popped in last Sunday with a new plasma TV for me! The picture is amazing! Because of my disability I have to spend a lot of time in bed and the TV is always on whether for a movie or show.
We have a plasma in the living room and said we wouldn't get another, but, My Honey decided I needed one, too!
And, as if that weren't enough....he came home a few nights ago with a new dvd player that does something to improve dvds so that they are almost high def. It's not a blu-ray, because we have MANY, MANY dvds that I watch all of the time.
AND, this weekend, came home with LOTS more Bath and BodyWorks lotions...LOL, looks like we have a store in one of our cabinets! But, he knows I LOVE lotion and Bath and Body Works was having their semi-annual sale....and I'm set until the next sale!
Like I said...he spoils me rotten!
I'm so overwhelmed by all that he does that I just have to share it with the world!!!

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