Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stealth Project News.....

but not yet the news about some of my "stealth" projects, but VERY COOL news nonetheless.... The one and only Annie Modesitt and friends are putting together a MARVELOUS book of 1000 Fabulous Knit Hats (get info here, you will want to join in the fun!)! Annie messaged me (& many Ravelry peeps) asking if I would please send photos for the project, I'M SO EXCITED and HONORED! I so hope I can get some good hat photos this weekend (please pray I feel like photography over the weekend!). She is inviting everyone, please checkout the site and submit photos of your hats (crochet and/or knit), submission deadline is July 1, 2009. This is going to be a very exciting book!!

DRUMROLL, please
Okay, Okay, Okay, I have been about to
BURST with excitement for several months!!!! I so wanted to tell everyone, but, alas, I could not. BUT, since it (the book) has been approved and my friend Jonelle, prez/owner of my fave yarn co., SWTC shared the news on her blog a few days ago, I can share, too!!!!! On with....the NEWS!
SWTC is publishing another Socks a la Carte book: Toes Up, this book is going to be chock full of all sorts of goodies (can't give anything away, of course). AND,
Pardon me, I become so excited and get the ibbity gibbities when I think about this that I sometimes faint, I had to pick myself up....
now, on with the story....
Where was I?!....
Oh, a few months ago when they were thinking about publishing a toe up Socks a la Carte book Jonelle emailed me and asked if I designed toe up socks!! CAN U BELIEVE?! Talk about an honor! Well, just so happened that I had just finished several toe up sock designs and was about to post them on my design blog (I mean, I was going to post the designs that very day! God works in all areas of my life!)! Instead, I sent them along to SWTC for a look see and began working on stitch patterns for the book!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?! I've spent a LOT of time (many wonderful hours, days, etc....each one precious and joyful!) with knitters graph paper, pencil, yarn and needles, experimenting with new st. patterns and knitting socks for SWTC, getting ready to help pitch the book to the publisher - I still can't believe that I was helpful in the pitch to the publisher! Now, the work begins, getting the book ready! Wow, it's quite a process that they go thru, let me tell ya! Just the bit I know about is daunting! I have to say, I am extremely honored to have been a small part of Socks a la Carte and am SO looking forward to Socks a la Carte II and helping with it!! Needless to say (and this is NOT because I have something to do with it), this will be an extraordinary book, as are all things that come from SWTC! I have loved this company from the moment I touched bamboo yarn several years ago and continue love them, they have a standard of excellence that is unparalleled AND they are wonderful people...what more can one ask for?! Allow me to say this, I am so touched that she thought of me when the book was "on the drawing board" (for lack of a better term), words can't express exactly how honored I was/am, to be a part of this project....thanks, Jonelle and SWTC family!

I think that I will spill the rest of the "stealth" knitting beans, so to speak... I would love to share this with everyone!
Everyone is familar with the One Skein books (1 skein Wonders, 101 One Skein Wonders, Luxury Yarn 1 Skein Wonders), yes?! These are published by Storey Publishing. Well, my dear friend, Jonelle from SWTC (she is a sweetheart, I'm telling ya!) emailed me in March telling me that she had been told that Storey Publishing was having a 1 skein contest with sock yarn, the designs could be anything, but could only use 1 skein of sock yarn (50 gr./100 gr., etc., but had to be 1 skein)!! I was fortunate enough to design and enter 3 projects for consideration. These are 3 of the "stealth" projects that are listed on the sidebar. I received a post card acknowledging their receipt of submission; part of it states, "We will be in touch with you in June to let you know if we are able to include it in our book." June is almost over and I've not heard from them. I'm not expecting to have a design chosen; goodness, hundreds of designers and countless designs were entered and only a few can be chosen! But, I would ..... (I don't know what I would do, actually)....anyway, it would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious if one of my entries won a spot in the book!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it is SO COOL and such an honor to have entered, I've never done anything like that! It felt really good to step out and enter some of my patterns for a contest! Thanks to Jonelle, Amy, Julie, my sister and hubby for their encouragement and belief in me, it really means a LOT!

So, there you have it, the "stories" about my stealth projects....still can't reveal them, but I'm happy that I could share my excitement and a bit about them!

I have many projects in my design notebook, ready to hit the yarn and needles! But, I think they will have to wait until after the completion of a few other things.....

LOL, okay, yes, yes, yes, it's a well known fact that I am NOT one for short posts when I blog. BUT, I am feeling a bit better today and had SO MUCH to say that I had to get it all said in this post. LOL, I have much more to say, but, I'll stop now and save it for the next post, I think it will be a tad shorter, LOL, never can tell!

Happy Knitting and God Bless

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