Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Knitting Projects....finally!!

Hello Everyone
so VERY MUCH for all of your prayers and well wishes during my recovery from surgery. A brief update....I'm doing well, recovery is much longer than I expected and the pain worse than expected...BUT, that is A-OKAY because the result is well worth it. By the way, I choose not to go into detail about the surgery, please feel free to email me if you have questions, not shy, just not something I'm comfortable putting on the internet...LOL, no, it's not plastic surgery, that I would shout about, LOL!

Okay, on to the KNITTING!
Finally I have photos to share! These were knit for my nephew and his wife's new twins (boy and girl)! 1st, allow me to say that I felt really hinky about knitting 3 tops for 2 babies, but, I'm sorry, the cotton was KILLING hands are still sore (of course, it's not just because I have a problem with cotton yarns, I didn't take breaks as often as I should have, either! Please, let my pain be a lesson for you! Take breaks when knitting!) I've not been able to knit for a week because of it. But, I had to go for cotton (KnitPicks Shine worsted, which is a great yarn!) because of the summer weather! With that said, I will be more than HAPPY to knit other items for the babes if they would like! Baby clothes are so fun to knit, don't you think?! Cute and fun and QUICK!

Okay, I tried to stay in a "non" gender mode for the patterns, but, this Yoked Cardi by Hannah Fetig is a design for girls (pattern has sizes for newborn thru very large, I highly recommend the purchase)....but, who knows, it may be pulled off by a boy (LOL, doubt it, it is girly)...couldn't resist, love it! I subsituted ICord ties for buttons, I think this will allow for longer wear because the ties can be loosened; have a look:

Next was my take on Linda's baby eyelet cardi...I love her original pattern, but wanted to do something a bit different, shortened the sleeves and chose to use seed stitch on the bottom portion. I sewed snaps on the inside and buttons on the outside, buttons for "show" snaps for the ease of dressing twins! I think that my pattern tweaks have made this top a bit more suitable for a boy; so, one for a boy and one for a girl....or, they can switch them, parent's choice, yes?!

The last (and my favorite) top is the baby kimono. You know, there are a LOT of baby kimono patterns out and this is hands down, my favorite! (LOL, the more I type and think about the fact that there is one kimono, I so know that I will knit another, LOL!)....sorry, my bizarro world of over analyzing my knitting is shining thru - this is what happens when I don't blog as I should (LOL, well, that wrote like a good reason, actually, that's just the way I am....).

Oh, yeah....the knitting....WOW, I'm way past "rusty" when it comes to blogging...apologies all around....

The WONDERFUL baby kimono...bulky seamless baby kimono by Jacki Kelly, I do so love it! I didn't use bulky yarn, rather KnitPicks Shine; I simply altered the pattern for the yarn, size, & fiddled with the crucial gauge. I also chose to use an ICord bind off which worked nicely.
This kimono is now my "go to" knit for babies! The pattern is well written, a nice, fun, quick knit!

I really enjoyed knitting each of these designs! Each one is great for a baby & perfect to welcome a new life! The way in which the patterns are designed allow for "growing" room so that they (hopefully) will be able to wear them for a few months.

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