Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did I Ever Say............

I don't know exactly what I've done to deserve such a wonderful man, but God has certainly blessed me with a gem in my wonderful husband!! This May we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, PRAISE GOD!! What a blessing!
This man is extraordinary in virtually every way!
He is a man's man. He is a woman's man! He is a man among men!
He is the person that everyone @ work goes to with problems and concerns of all types - and he listens to them and counsels them! He is liked/loved by all (LOL, yeah, I'm sometimes a bit jealous of the women @ work who hit on him!) who know him!
He is a very good singer and guitar player. Used to play professionally, but plays in church now (we have a very rockin' band @ our church!). Does anything and everything that he can @ church and, of course, for God.
And, on top of all of this - very good looking, too!
OH, I can't forget, he lovingly does vaccuuming, laundry, whatever housework just because he wants to! He has taken care of me on many, many, many occasions when I was bedridden because of my disability!! Oh yeah, he doesn't do these household chores because of my disability, just because he wants to! Don't get me wrong, he has had to do everything around the house because I wasn't able to do so. But now he'll start a load of laundry and I'll ask what he's doing, that I was going to do it, his reply, "I just wanted to do a load!" CAN U BELIEVE?! Cooks, too, makes the best homemade soup you can imagine! As a matter of fact, he went to the grocery store Saturday (yep, he takes his mother every Saturday!) and we were putting away groceries and he told me that this and that was for our daughter, he had told her that he would make her some soup - LOL, and take it to her house!
He cares for ALL of us!!!
And he continues to take care of me all of the time, in more ways than I can list!
AND, he chose me! God made him for me and me for him - what a plan God had!
Okay, I could go on and on and on about my hubby's many qualities, but I may share others at another time, LOL! It's just that I've not blogged in so long and the best thing I can chat about as I finally begin blogging again is My Man!!!
Those of you who have known me for a while know that My Honey spoils me rotten. LOL, I won't make a list of all of the ways and goodies he's spoiled me since last I blogged regularly - but I will start with today!
Okay, I'd not slept well last night (I had been up for some time writing patterns for some new designs and just couldn't sleep) and had fallen asleep watching TV in the early afternoon. Well, all of a sudden I saw awoke to a man standing over me - LOL, it was my hubby, but he startled me because it was midday and needless to say, Sally
is a poor watchdog when it comes to alerting to her master arriving home! We say hello to one another, etc. I was so excited that he came home in the middle of the day and knew that he had come home to give me my new Bare Escentuals Pink Diamond kit that was shipped to his place of business from QVC (he had called me to tell me it was there). He's just sweet like that, even though it wasn't something I needed, he wanted me to have it because it had arrived (yeah, he does this whenever anything ships - fyi, we have items shipped to his place of business because it's just easier because he deals with UPS all the time).
WELL.....little did I know that he had yet another surprise for me (and him, too!). I love, love, love all things Disney and especially love The Mouse. Well, he walked in with this:
I can't even tell you how many Disney watches he's given me! But, oddly enough, I've been without a watch for about a year - very unusual for me. He knows me so well, got the exact watch that I would have picked....very cool shape, with Mickey toward the side in the dial and a few shots from movies and shorts in the background...a very cool watch! And a MUCH cooler husband, don't ya think?!
I was so happy to see that he had actually gotten something for himself, too...a Mickey pocket watch:
I LOVE, LOVE pocket watches! Both of these came in cool tins, too. If you are interested, check with your Avon Lady (or gentleman). Lonnie comes home twice a month with goodies for me from Avon because he's helping a girl he works with because she's selling Avon to make extra money...AND....well, because he's Lonnie!!
In case you are wondering, I spoil him, too----try my best, but I'm afraid I'm not as accomplished as he! And he's gotten a few new guitars lately, he tells me that many of his friends' wives fuss and don't want their husbands to buy guitars and things like this!! I'm happy as a lark to see him allow some spoilage in his direction!

Ah - knitting...I'm loving it as always, but afraid I have NO photos to post...sorry!

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Sabrina said...

Hi! I haven't seen you in forever.

When in May is your anniversary? My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary on the 4th. :)