Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Not Really Lost...........

Hey Everyone!!!!

I'm so VERY, VERY sorry to have been away for so long!!! I'm afraid that the 1st of 2009 has had me in the bed due to increase in pain from my hip/leg. LOL, that's what happens when we have such hinky weather - I'm afraid the bad bones and joints act up rather badly, LOL! Sounds like I'm getting old, yes?! NO WAY, young at heart!!!

I've done a bit of knitting, no pics as of yet....I'm afraid I forgot to take photos of a couple of gifts that I knit (duh, can u believe?!). And, I'm working on a few new patterns that I may submit to my fave yarn company or just post them on my blog....can't yet decide!
I'm afraid I'm still not up to par, so I'm going to post a little slide show of a few of the pics of our December vacation to Sea World - it was a BLAST!!! Enjoy....

1 comment:

LenaL said...

Oh, I really hope you soon are back in good health without pain!

Looks forward to see your new designs.

Take good care of yourself!