Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the Winner is..............

Hey Everyone, it's very early Tuesday morning and I wanted to take this opportunity to post the winner now...I'm up so I figured I'd announce the name now because if I don't start strictly following the doc's orders (see previous post) I'm going to
#1. Have a very upset husband and
B. Not help my recovery one bit!

I know that I said that My Man was going to be the judge, but we had so many WONDERFUL entries that he couldn't pick just one...or 2 or 3 or 4, etc! I mean, they are all great! So, I used the handy dandy Random Number Generator by 1st assigning each entry a number and then plugging the numbers into the generator and the winner is.... my dear friend,
Sandra (also known as mintdee on Knitting Help forum)with her photos of her girls (hold your hearts knitters!) washing and drying the family car with Sandra's WIPs! AND THEN....this other child had the AUDACITY to use more of Sandra's knitting to cushion her seatbelt!!!! KIDS!!!! lol....okay, I know ya'll have to realize that I'm goofing on these girls, I love kids (well, unless they abuse knitting cause that's just wrong!)

I do so wish that I could give a prize to each and every person that entered, but then, that wouldn't make it much of a contest, now would it?!

Do ya'll remember what this lucky lady is going to receive?! A gorgeous hank of Malbrigo in the stunning sapphire green colorway (hmmmm..perfect for A Touch of Whimsy scarf..or hat...or gloves , but don't let me influence you...LOL!) and something that I use all of the time...365 Sts Year Perpetual Calendar ! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I'm enjoying giving them to you!

Public Knitting Announcement...no knitting was harmed during the photography of any of the entries!!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY for Sandra--lucky girl. I was just way too busy to enter the contest :-( but I hope I can do the next one!

Mintdee said...

Go Me Go ME *insert really bad cabbage patch* Thank you a lot Becca! I was wondering how you were going to pick. SO Thank you to me kids for putting up with mommy taking tons of pictures, Becca for the contest, and Lonnie for mailing!
Now I am off to go squeal to anyone who will listen (and perhaps a few who won't) {{{hugs}}}
Take care of yourself Becca!

Mienna said...

Congrats Sandra! And thanks Becca for another fun contest! I hope you feel better very soon. *sends hugs and good feelings*


Amber said...

Congrats Sandra!!

Great contest Becka. I loved seeing all the photos. Thanks so much -- as always! You have a wonderful, generous spirit.

Nora said...

I've just noticed your post about not being well (haven't been around for a while due to exams). I hope you're feeling better now. Take care of yourself. x

bethc said...

Great contest... I had planned to enter, but life got in the way! Well done to all who did.

AR said...

Congrats, Sandra! Lucky knitter! Becca, you're super nice to give so much stuff away!

Mama Bear said...

The contest photos were great fun! Thanks for doing this.

I had an entry planned, but time and the weather just wouldn't co-operate. It may still end up on my blog sometime as it's own post.

I hope you aren't reading this because you are SUPPOSED to be in bed! You are missed and we want you to behave to you are back soon.

I have been slow to comment, but you have been in our thoughts and prayers.

javede said...

That was a fun contest!
Wish I had had the time to enter...
Anyway, hope you rest well and get better soon!