Thursday, November 02, 2006


ATTN Knitters, please email your photos to me. If you post them on your blog and don't email me I may not see them and I sure don't want to miss any!

Contest Photos!

Hey, Ya'll! I've received the first of the contest photos from my friend Erika! Thanks, Erika!
Here we have the stylings of kitties with attitude or is it....CATTITUDE?! Keep 'em coming, guys, this is fun!!

Hey, Hey, Hey! More Contest photos! I'm loving this! I have been LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

From my dear friend, KellyK I received this picture of Howie sporting his human dad, Al's willy warmer! WTG, Howie You are a Man's Man!!

Next up we have my friend, Arleta's skeleton buddy using her YARN GIRL washcloth as a ...coverup...he doesn't have the luxury of having a willie warmer or...maybe he just got out of the shower! Either way, I'm happy to see he's showing off a washcloth from WK Designs, this shows me that a smart skeleton can do many things with a washcloth!

I'm LOVING this! These photos are too funny!

Our next picture is from Megan, of whom I met during the Lacevember KAL..another great thing about KALs, meeting new people!
KNITTERS PLEASE BEWARE... Megan's roommate is using Megan's favorite Adamas shawl as a dishrag !! Photography tricks, my friends, the photo was staged!

Whew, some of these photos are making me break out in a cold sweat! And, as most of you know, we Southern Girls don't perspire!

This is funny! Rachel, whom I met in the Knit1BlogToo webring sent a picture of her daughter who is so happy, but a bit confused because she's wearing Mom's B4 Bag as a dress! How cute is she?!

And here are a couple of entries from my good friend Sandra. When I saw Sandra's daughter with her Mom's WIP cushioning her seatbelt and kids washing and rubbing on the car with Sandra's WIP, I Once again, staged photos!

Keep the wacky knitty photos coming, people! I went to the yarn shop today and picked up the rest of the prize That's right, you are seeing correctly! Along with the 365 Knitting Sts Perpetual Calendar that I already told you about, there is a hank of GORGEOUS Malabrigo in the Sapphire Green could be Yours!

LOL, the hits keep rolling!

Heidi's daughter, "Ashley is modeling the latest in handknit must haves for the up-coming holiday season.
This fun and fabulous hat is sure to turn heads. And it doesn't just make a fashion statement, but it's also highly functional. Just turn it over and it doubles as a handy doggy bag. And it's extra-large size allows you to hide bad hair or to discretely bring home a leftover smorgasborg ham or turkey. (my felted knitted bag).
If second helpings leave you gasping for breath then this shirt's for you! Simply slip into the little girls' room and re-wrap your top. You're ready for dessert. (scarf)
Make a statement with this one of a kind skort/leggings. Notice the handy potty portal. (my Noro pull-over)
No time for a pedicure? No problem with these ultra-chic party slip-ons. Your toes will be hidden, your corns comfortable and your bunions blessed. (mittens)
The final accessories in Ashley's holiday ensemble are these delightful gloves. Heavy drinkers will appreciate the lack of fussy finger holes. The multi-colored pattern will hide food stains and extremity frostbite is minimalized when house keys are fumbled due to the single pouch design. (socks)."
LOL! OMGoodness, runway description that Heidi added with Ashley's photo is too funny! Thanks, Heidi and Ashley!

I met Madge through the Lacevember KAL, too. She had a cool contest last week and it was FUN! She has this cat (who looks exactly like Moshi!) who enjoys fine handknit items...that cat has taste! When not on the cat, her lovely Midwest Moonlight scarf enjoys lounging around the house in cool tiki mugs and bowls! And it even slipped into that gorgeous Bauer mixing bowl! You know, we knitters never know what our WIPs and FOs do around the house when we aren't home!!!

Aren't ya'll having fun with these photos?! I certainly am!

My friend Amber asks, "Ever wonder what your knitting is up to when you're not around? Well, I came
home to this the other day!
;-)" Amber caught them in action....Knitting Gone Bad!
LOL, too funny! You better punish the Bad Knitting, Amber! Thanks for your entry!

Next up are photos from another one of my Knitting Help buds, Jan. You know, it's cold in many parts of the world and Jan likes to keep all of her things warm and stylish! Jan's husband made this cannon! Looks like the entire family is talented! Thanks, Jan! I LOVE it!

Thanks for the photos, knitters! Keep 'em coming! I love opening my mailbox and laughing at these entries!

Our next entry is from my knitty bud, Kelly Jo. "Let me introduce you to Lambkin!! Lambkin is modeling some of my favorite knitted projects! My favorite fall hat in Manos Woodland....My Airy Scarf (Last Minute Knitted Gifts)....and my Booga!
He's on his way to a Sheep and Wool Festival!!"
Wowza! Lambikins is styling his way to Sheep and Wool! He better watch out! You know ewes are always prowling for sheep this good-looking and decked out...Lambikins is a metro-sexual sheep indeed!!

Happy Tuesday Knitters! As the contest continues I look forward to getting more and more photos from you...remember, the deadline is Nov. 13!

My dear friend Candace had this to say about her entries, "Here is my contest entry, counterpane diaper. Here is a picture of my actual counterpane as nature and history dictates. It is part of a blanket. In this case 1/4 of a baby blanket. However with a baby in the house and a cloth diapering past every piece of cloth is a potential diaper."
LOL, that is so true .... That is so funny! Mom's gotta do what Mom's gotta do, LOL!
Special Knitting Announcement: no counterpanes were pee'd or poo'd upon during the making of these photographs

These photos are from my friend, Mienna, thanks, Girl! Looks like Mienna's monkey has had too much to drink, he's wearing one of Lady M's wrist warmers...LOL!!!! Mienna's sewing machine is camera shy (I understand, I am, too!) and is hiding behind a handknit hat!
Look who's in the Christmas spirit already! Kitty is sporting a Christmas stocking on his/her head...just look at that face, TOO CUTE! I love 'em...thanks, Mienna!

TGIF Knitters! This means you have a few more days to get your photos in before the Nov 13 deadline, please email me with your photos!

Check this out! My KH bud, Lisa (Jeep Girl on KH) sent some hilarious photos from Stitches East where the JuJus did too much partying at HOOTERS!!!! for shame, for shame I bet Lisa and her buds don't take the JuJus with them anymore after such an embarrassing display!!

Hey Knitty People!

I must say, Electra is a girl after my heart because, as most of you know, My Man is a guitar player! But he doesn't have a strap as fancy as this one that Electra is sporting as she jams! How cool is that?! A Branching Out scarf as a guitar, that's style! Electra is also one of my Knitting Help buds, better known as ae over there. Thanks for sharing, ae! Hmmmmm I wonder if having such a fancy guitar strap makes one play better?! You the way you feel better when you just know you look good in that little black dress?!

One more have until TOMORROW, Mon., Nov 13 to submit your photos!!!! I will announce the winner Tuesday!

Our very last entry comes from my dear friend, Rita, also known as Moon Angel on the Knitting Help forum, LOL, looks like Rita has a sock beard that she needs to shave LOL, I don't see that everyday, LOL!!!
AND, lol, we all know that we can't be fine handknits for softness LOL, well, when ya gotta go....LOL!! Special Knitty Announcement: No handknitting was shaved or harmed in ahem...any other way!

I want to thank each and every one of you...this has been a blast for me!
I've enjoyed every entry.
I already knew that knitters were talented and creative, these pictures simply intensified this knowledge!
I wish that I could award a prize to each and every one, but, alas, that isn't possible!
The winner is.....announced in another post!


Candace said...

Green Malabrigo! It's beautiful!

Whimsical Knitting said...

I'm happy to see that you like it! It is very yummy...a gorgeous, gorgeous green...I hate to part with it, but I will gladly do it for the contest winner!!!!
I must say, I'm enjoying this contest, these pictures are great!

del said...

Great photos!! I'm still working on something...because I'd love some Malabrigo!

Heide said...

Hey there, that Malibrigo is indeed yummy! The practical uses of my daughter's outfit are what make it "special" (refer to email). Cheers.

Madge said...

Great photos so far - and I can't wait to see more.

Mmm, green malabrigo.

AR said...

Ahhh! Save the shawl!

Rita Martinez said...

hahahaha I loved the one with the little girl wearing the bag for a dress! that one was really funny!!
and I agree that yarn looks very yummy! and its malabrigo!!!! *faints*
I'll be sending my pictures monday! *giggles*

g-girl said...

the pictures are hilarious! I can't wait to see more. :)

Theresa said...

Too funny -thanks for the laughs!

roxtarchic said...

loooove madge's gorgeous green scarf... i just started that one (and ripped it a few times) heh...

i loooove this contest btw... SOOO hysterical! i'll havta work on the next one (but cant wait to see who wins this one) ;)