Thursday, November 02, 2006

I love fall weather

I really do, I love the crispness in the air. Although, it doesn't happen often, even at this time of year! We, here in this part of the South often enjoy springlike weather until the end of Nov., but I still look for those crisp, fresh mornings! Afterall, this cooling down means I can soon break out the cool weather knits!

DON'T FORGET....I'm hosting a Blog Contest!!! FYI, I have another prize that I am announcing next week!!!

As for cool weather knits, I recently finished the next addition in the Whimsy series, A Touch of Whimsy fingerless gloves. I did the same thing with this pattern that I did with the hat, tried a different, yet complementary design...and, I came back to the tried and true one...kept the design the same as that found in the scarf around the wrists (just like the hat band in the hat) and picked up sts and knit the glove portion in St st. If one prefers wristlets, then there's no need to continue with the glove knitting...simply wear the lovely wrist portion of the pattern! LOL, I almost stopped there, too, but, I enjoy fingerless gloves, so I knit on!

Now, before I completed the fingerless gloves, WIP Glove enjoyed an adventure with us at the mall Sunday after church. I didn't want WIP Glove to feel left out, afterall, WIP Sock got to go to the mall with us...I didn't want one to feel jealous of another. So, when we went to the food court at the mall Sunday, WIP Glove went along, she enjoyed our time at the mall, especially one of my favorite stores, Bath and Body Works (I had coupons!), then, after a long day of shopping (well, long for the baby, WIP Glove) she fell asleep right on the table when we sat down to have a drink!

last, but not least, for Lacevember...I cast on the luscious Lacy Wrap #15 from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 last night! I'm knitting it with Brown Sheep's Lambs Pride (I love this yarn!). I didn't knit much last night because Daughter ( I need a good code name for her! I don't think ya'll have seen her, she's an astonishingly beautiful redhead.) came over to spend the night, so we crawled in bed and watched a movie...that was so much fun! I miss her so...
I digress, back to Lacevember. I've noticed what seems like most of the knitters in the Lacevember kal are knitting their projects with lace wt. yarn, I don't like to knit with lace wt. yarn! The projects I see that are knit with lace wt. are gorgeous, so, one day, maybe one day, I will enjoy knitting with lace wt yarn...perhaps after I get Victorian Lace Today, eh?!



g-girl said...

wow! a pair of fingerless gloves to boot? All that's missing are a pair of socks for your wonderful "A Touch of Whimsy" set. :)

AR said...

I love those fingerless gloves. Pretty color and your great pattern, too.

We skipped fall here, I think. It's cold!

Anonymous said...

Love those gloves! And you know I'm right there with you on the weather thing. I can't wait to see your shawl--you're the only other person I know so far who's doing it & I really want to see someone else's.