Monday, November 20, 2006

Wanna know what I'm doing in bed?! Hmmmmm......

Hey Guys! How'a that for a title?! I kinda like it!
Well, the answer remains the same as it was a few posts back...nuttin fun! Well, I take that back, I have been doing a little knitting when I'm not sleeping from the drowsy causing meds (my doc knows me well, he knows if he wants to keep me down, he needs to knock me out because...well...I'm hard-headed!).
And I did finish my honey's socks these are called "Lonnie's Sport Socks" and the pattern is right very 1st official man sock design They are a fun, easy slip stitch design, the leg is short, that's the way My Man likes his socks, so that's the way he got 'em! I love this picture, it's a little girly looking, so I didn't include it with the pattern, but I like it, so I'm showing ya'll!

On to the reason for this post, I just got home from the doc and I am on another week of strict bedrest...this means no I am known to do (like now when I'm posting this, but I couldn't leave ya'll hanging!). Hopefully I will be much better if I continue with the bedrest for another week and will be feeling as well as I did over the summer, please, please pray that God allows this!
Well, ya'll know that My Man spoils me, as you remember from the last post I told you about after the doc 1st put me on bedrest...I LOVE, LOVE that Bath & Body works scent, give it a try! And I'm ITCHING to play with that Wacom usb tablet, but I can't. Well, a girl has perks when she's not feeling well, that's for sure! Notes and calls from friends, prayers .... all of which I appreciate more than you will ever know. Well, one of my bestest buds, Amy (horve1 from sent me just because she is, well, of a kind...!
To each and every ONE of you who have remembered me in your thoughts, and who have done so much.... Ya'll are the best group of people ever!
You know, when you hurt badly there's not much that will help you to feel better....but, there's this one thing that works every time....a friend's love and I've found that I am blessed with many, many friends .

Now, today after the doc, My Man saw to it that I got the newest THEN, there was this book that he knew I had been waiting on because it had just been released....and I hadn't been able to get to a store to look it over to see if I really wanted it (even though I really know that I did!)and, yep, you are correct.... is sitting by my bed ready for me to read!!!! Thanks, My Love, there's not another like you, nor will there ever be! I don't say this because you spoil me, rather because I have the privilege of your love.


Knit Mongrel said...

Just got the Victorian Lace - isn't it stunning?! Sending you lots of healthy wishes! :)

AR said...

Follow that Dr.'s orders and rest!

I bet you're just trying to get your google hits count up with that title. LOL

Feel better soon!

Madge said...

Your DH's socks look great. Now, get some rest!

P.S. Isn't Victorian Lace amazing?

Mama Bear said...

The socks look great! But if you are reaing this you are in trouble!

Enjoy your new knitting reading materials! They look fun.


Romi said...

Feel better soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the knitting and reading. Isn't Victorian Lace wonderful?!?!

Mully Nex said...

HUGE hugs to you - keep on getting better

del said...

Glad you're doing better, but continue to get well! The socks are great, as usual!

I'm doing the red scarf for Lacevember--hope I can finish.

Vicki said...

Lonnie's socks look great. That book has been on my wish list since Stitches in September. It is fabulous. Enjoy.

bethc said...

Ok, back to bed with you now... great socks!

Nora said...

The socks are great - thanks for the pattern.

Now... rest, rest, rest and I hope you get well soon. x

Tina said...

Hey. The socks look great. Now, do what the others said and get some rest. :) Sending ya some *healing* vibes.

What a great husband you have! How nice of him to get you those magazines.

roxtarchic said...

oh i hope you feel better & better & better.... those socks look terrific & i've totally neglected knittinghelp lately... i havta get back there.

best wishes for you to feel better than you did over the summer.... and SOON xox

Julie said...

i have been reading through your site and i love it! i love your wash cloth patterns! i want to make them all!!

i am just starting doing patterns so i think these will help me a lot!