Monday, November 13, 2006

Very Quick Update and thanks

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Your outpouring of love has overwhelmed me, I can not find the words to express my sincere thanks.

I have an update for you...I was back at the doc's office today...yeah, I was just there Friday, too. They worked me in both days because they know me well enough to know when I call that I'm in intense pain. Well, I was doing what he advised, staying in bed, etc. And, this freaky thing happened in early afternoon. I was in bed, napping and having a weird dream (that I can't remember!) and our phone rang...both at home and in the dream, and for some reason (it was a dream reason) I had to answer the phone quickly and in doing so I merged dreamland and reality and tried desperately to get out of bed fast and in doing so I got tangled in the linens and fell out of bed...right on to my hip! And, my bed is very high, My Man raised it so it would be easier for me to get in and out of bed and so I could store yarn under!
Needless to say, I hurt myself badly, went directly to see the doc, he examined my hip/leg and there seems to be no damage done other than a very bad sprain, etc. He increased my meds and told me to not get out of bed except to potty until I see him for my regular appt. on Monday. That said, this will be my last post for longer than I thought, I feel sure he will lengthen the bedrest when I go in on Monday, too.
I will post the contest winner tomorrow, it will be short and sweet. I want to thank you all for entering, it's been a lot of fun...and, if you are so inclined...continue to email me with funny pics and/or whatever strikes your fancy...I really miss ya'll when I can't chat with you!

My Man, being the wonderful husband that he is has been taking care of me as he always does! He is the most compassionate, tender, loving man on the face of this Earth. LOL, I could go on with more attributes, but I must get back in bed! As I was saying to a friend at church a few weeks ago when she was telling me just how much she enjoys hearing My Man sing and play guitar....I still quiver when I hear him, there's not another like him! He knows me so well, knows that I adore creams and lotions (creams more so...and he knows this, too!)...well, Saturday afternoon he handed me a bag of full of Bath & Body Works cream, Sensual Amber! He said, "I got this for you." And that was that, how lucky am I?! Ya'll may remember that in a previous post I said I had been playing around in the Photoshop and Photoshop Elements that Lonnie My Man had surprised me with several months ago and that I thought that a usb tablet and pen would be fun and that I wanted one one day. Well, My Man told me Sunday evening that he had some errands to run and asked if I wanted anything while he was out, I said no. And, in an hour or 2 he walked in with THIS!!! Yep, the same usb tablet and pen that I said that I wanted one day! He said since my birthday is coming up next month that he wanted to go ahead and get, he said the exact same thing about the bag of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I ordered last week (remember, I am on sort of a yarn diet because we are saving for our Christmas vacation.)!!! My Man spoils me rotten. I do want to say this, though...this is NOT why I say he's the best husband in the world, it's because of his heart! I'll have to go into all of that another time...I have to go lay down. Oh, almost forgot, My Man made me promise the most special of promises that I would NOT touch the usb tablet and pen until the doc took me off of bedrest!

Uh Oh, My Man is headed this way, too....we rarely argue, but this is one thing that makes him very angry...when I don't listen to the doc! So, I'm off to bed....Hugs to each and everyone of you!

Remember, the winner will be announced tomorrow!


ae said...

oh no!!! sorry to hear about your fall...we are all thinking of you!!

Amber said...

Becka, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall -- how awful!

Your dh sounds like a wonderful, thoughtful, and caring man. I'm glad to know that you have someone to take such good care of you!

I hope you're feeling better soon!!

AR said...

How did I miss this post? Get better! I'm so sorry for your pain. I hate hurting, and yours must be really bad.