Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Where have I been?!

You might ask yourself, why does Becka have a blog if she isn't blogging?! Honestly, I have a very good reason for not having posted in several days...my hip and leg have been acting up (as they often do) and I've been in bed for the past couple of weeks, therefore, blog posting hasn't been on my mind very much...sorry...life happens.
Now on to updating, actually, there's not been much going on on the homefront, I've been in bed, sleeping alot because of the medication and knitting a small bit. I did knit the body for Allysa's birthday bear, I used leftover yarn from a couple of her tops, and the pattern that I found on Knitty Gritty. This is the 1st toy-knitting that I have attempted. Today I hope to seam and stuff her...I do so hope that she then looks like a little bear...LOL, I think that she is going to look like a tall, skinny bear, poor baby!

LOL, I do so hope that stuffing helps her a great deal! Right now....it's hard to say what it looks like as it lays blocking on the washing machine!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, pain and bedriddenness (new word!) aside! I received wonderful gifts from my KnittingHelp secret pal!! And, this is the month that we are to reveal ourselves to one another. I was so excited to find out my pal's identidy...well, she didn't reveal her name!!! I thought that quite funny, as she extended the secrecy....but, I so wanted to know who she was! LOL, she revealed herself on the knitting forum...tricky, that one! THANKS, SARA....you are the best secret pal around!
Well, Sara has certainly spoiled me...as you can see here, last month's gifts were superb! The hits keep rolling, my friends....I was astounded as I opened packages!
Okay, I will begin at the beginning...I met the mailman as he arrived (and, it was raining a bit!) because my pal had told me to expect my package Monday...so, I met the postman...wouldn't you?! He handed me this fully stuffed, large red envelope.

I went inside, got the camera and began opening gifts, one at a time..and taking pics. I opened a tin of lotion...it's so cool...a bar of lotion was in the tin. Now, I'm thinking....who is this, how does she know that I LOVE lotion?!

Next, I unwrapped a jar with a soy candle inside!

At this point, I'm very curious as to her true identidy because last month Lonnie and I were downtown (acting like tourists...LOL!) and I saw soy candles and thougth, "I would love to try those." but, Lonnie said something, I was distracted, and didn't get the candle...BUT, my pal sent me one...how bizarre is this?! It's like she's read my mind!!!
I then tear tissue paper to reveal 3 lovely pins. Now..I KNOW that my pal has some type of insider information on me...has she been lurking about my home without my knowledge?! Has she been chatting with Lonnie?! LOL, I know this isn't the case because he can't keep a secret (of course, we don't keep secrets from one another....that sounds better!). I say this because I had just said that I needed pins for the shawls I hope to knit during the fall.
Then I open the last gift....3 SKEINS OF SWTC BAMBOO!!!!!

Obviously, I'm hugely curious as to her name!!!! I had wanted more bamboo to knit one of the glorious fibertrends shawl patterns that I have....it's as if she has been living in my head!!!


NEWS....Hold the presses, I've got KNITTING NEWS!
KnitPicks has new YARN, yeah, Baby, new yarn. I get faint just thinking about new yarn...yum. I discovered this last night when I was searching for yarn for a couple of tops that I want to knit from my new book, Big Girl Knits...more on that in a moment. Anyway, I was looking for yarn and I stumbled upon these new yarns, we have Shamrock, a heavy worsted, variegated wool, 82 yds/50 gr.; Swish Superwash, 100% washable wool, 110 yds/50 gr.; Gloss, a new sock yarn (yay!) made with merino and silk...heavenly! 220 yds/50 gr.; and Quarry, 75% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Peruvian Wool, 5% Nylon
boucle type yarn; 110yds/50 gr.; and there are new colors of my fave KnitPicks sock yarn, Essential!! Isn't that just wonderful?!

Another nice surprise yesterday was from Lonnie, this was other than the normal wonderfulness that is Lonnie. After he came home from work he told me about sellling a bunch of cd box sets (Lonnie is a musician and collects lots and lots of music) and tossed several $ my way to do with as I wish...natch, I decided to buy yarn...wouldn't you?!
Since Lonnie had surprised me with Big Girl Knits last week, I decided to get yarn for a couple of projects from the book. I asked Lonnie which top he preferred, and he chose Bombshell and I chose Cherry Bomb. I ordered KnitPicks Shine Worsted in grass for Bombshell and Merino Style in strawberry for Cherry Bomb. It was while I was looking for yarn for these tops that I found KnitPicks' new yarns! I only ordered one of them, although, I was very tempted to try them all, especially that sock yarn!! I'm so proud of my restraint! I did order one skein of the washable wool, I intend to beat it to death...you know, wash it, dry it, kick it, pull on it...all types of abuse so I can see how it holds up. If it holds up as I hope, then I can see all sorts of future projects using it.
Ahhh, you probably noticed the recent absence of Chef Knitterie. He has been vacationing with his brother, Geoffery (he is retiring this summer, he is currently a butler to royals!) in Europe. I hope that he returns this week, he is greatly missed around here!


AR said...

Sounds like your secret pal really knew you. Great gifts!! Lonnie sounds so sweet! Thanks for the comment over my way! I can't wait to read your cool list.

Vicki said...

What a great secret pal. I just picked up some of that bamboo and can't wait to knit with it....I can't wait to see your shawl either!

Mienna said...

The bear is adorable! I love the little skirt, it's too cute.

Sounds like your secret pal knew a lot about you too. I've never done an exchange, but it does sound like fun.

The new yarns look yummy! Knitpicks is fantastic. And as always Lonnie is great. Where'd you find him? Does he have a brother? Just joking.. really. :p

Hope you feel better. :)

del said...

I hope you feel better soon! But it sounds like everything is going good for you, with the SP package & $$$ for yarn. YAY, Lonnie! :-)

Sara said...

I am so pleased that you liked your packages! I do feel like I had a good handle on what you would like, but some things are just providence. Thanks so much for the sock yarn and the pattern. I adore the colors! I've been trying to get a pair started on magic loop from the toe up and I have frogged it three times. I think I need to change my approach so I can say that I have made socks. Enjoy your yarn!