Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm so excited !!! My gifts arrived from my KnittingHelp Secret Pal today, and boy, is she ever spoiling me! As you can see.... and the hits keep rolling... and rolling.... I absolutely LOVE everything!! Secret Pal, if you read this....THANKS SO MUCH, YOU ROCK
Okay, here's what happened. My secret pal, llamallamallamallamaduck (which, of course, makes us think of this)emailed me a few days ago telling me that my gift should arrive early this week. Armed with this knowledge, I went to the mailbox with camera in hand! I got to the mailbox just as our mailman was pulling up...I was so EXCITED when I saw the package that I scared him a bit! Anyway, he lived, he's used to my excited dance when knitty goodies arrive. I then went over to the cherry tree and began unwrapping the gifts, yeah, cool is that?! As you saw in the photos, I got 2 skeins of my very favorite yarn, SWTC Bamboo (my very favorite yarn company!) in pink (love pink!)..but, wait...that's not all...I also received a lovely zipper charm, it's a ball of yarn with needles (so cool, how did she know I love charms?!). Included was a pretty pair of hoop earrings with pink beads (love, love!) and the cutest ever change purse in the shape of a very favorite thing to knit...does she know me, or what?! Then, to top it all off, she had made a Fortune Wheel which reads: "Let Me Tell Your Fortune" Then, when you spin it the fortune reads:
1. "Cozy" is in your future....(Gotta love that!!)
2. A handsome silver-haired man will shower you with gifts...(I'm so lucky, Lonnie spoils me constantly...although, his hair is more blonde than silver.)
3. More packages are in your future...(How exciting!!!)
4. You will spread joy to everyone around you...(that is so sweet, really makes me feel good!).

As if all that weren't enough, the missing cone of yarn finally showed up!!! I'm very excited about this, too. I am about to email the very nice Ebay vendor that sold it to me and let her know that it finally arrived and send her money once again..this is the very nice lady that had refunded my payment when the cone never arrived, even though I didn't take out the optional insurance.

I redid my blog template, as you can see. I looked around and around and around some more and saw several that I really like, and finally decided on this one...clean, and simple format. I will, I'm sure, change it again and again. It's like rearranging furniture in the it a bit of a facelift.

I've almost completed Allysa's Summer Swing Top, it's really going to be cute! I so wish I could be with her for her birthday, but, alas, she's too far away for me to travel. I could not help myself, after looking at the picture of the beautiful toddler sweater that knewknitter had made on KH, that I ordered
Adorable Knits for Toddlers from's got such lovely clothes for toddlets!

I'm off to cook supper and knit a bit..........


Sharon G. said...

You lucky chica!
I'm loving the bamboo...sooo srumptious looking.
I, on the other hand, am still stalking the FedEx man... :(

sara_jayne said...

I love your swap gift - the sock coin purse is just adorable!

I like your new blog set up (I just re did mine a little). I do think simple is best - you are doing so well being new to blogging!

del said...

Awwww, aren't you lucky?

Enjoy all your new goodies!

Julie said...

That's a fabulous book, Becka, you will love it! And I love your new template! :)