Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No Mojo Madness

Apparently I temporarily lost my knitting mojo! This can realily be seen in the pullover that I made for Allysa. Why?! You might ask did I knit yet another top for Allysa. Well, because I had leftover yarn for which I had no other purpose and time to knit the top. What I wasn't very excited about was knitting another pink top....this is most likely when my knitting mojo decided to take a break...Mojo knew I wasn't going to be happy in sending another top which was the same shade of pink, so....Mojo decided to take a break, leaving me unaware.

As you can see, the placket it misaligned...not even centered !! Yeah, I felt like a dummie when I saw it...LOL! After calculating stitches and placement, I was rather proud of myself because this was my 1st placket. LOL, so much for pride!! I had, obviously miscalculated and, had I been paying attention...I would certainly have found it! But, herein lies the work of the absence of Mojo! When Mojo is with me, I don't make such stupid mistakes....yeah, I make mistakes, but I normally pick up on them and correct them, not so with the absence of Mojo.

I'm so excited! Yesterday my Big Girl Knits arrived! Lonnie is so sweet, he's always surprising me with goodies...this being one of them. I can't decide what to knit first. I really want to knit Bombshell, but, the girls in the Yahoo! group are about to do a knitalong with Boobalicious, so, I may knit Boobalicious first. Then again, I really want to knit Cherry Bomb, and then there's Lift and Separate wrap that I want to knit with the girls at Knitting Help. Then, there are the very cool felted mary janes that the model is wearing on page 118 as she's modeling the Yo! Ga pants, but don't know where to find the pattern. I asked about it at the Yahoo! group and a member said that Fiber Trends had a pattern for mary janes, but I didn't see one on the Fiber Trends website. So, I emailed Jillian Moreno to see if she knew where I could find it. Decisions, decisions....there are a few things that I have to get knit before I can begin whichever project I decide to undertake.
Speaking of other knitting projects...I am going to attempt knitting a bear for Allysa that will accompany her other birthday gifts. I've never knit a toy before. I saw what looks like a very easy pattern on Knitty Gritty earlier this week. I'm going to use the yarn that is leftover from the tops that I knit her, this way the bear will match them all.
Pet update...Sally is now doing just fine, she will have her staples removed Friday. Chloe is still missing Bo, so, I definitely have to get a companion bird. I should have already done so, but what with all of the pet traumas going on and then my hip and leg acting up, I've not gotten around to it...this must be done over the weekend! Then, there's Moshi, our big white cat...he's doing better, but he mourned Snuggle for several days. He wouldn't come when I called him, he just stayed curled up in the box that my R2 paper yarn arrived in (I can't throw it out because he's claimed it as his own...he loves boxes!). He's now purring and following me around like normal, thank God. We are adjusting to the deaths, but it's very weird...I miss these animals!!


Mienna said...

At least your mojo left you on a top you weren't super thrilled about and not something you adored, hehe. The Big Girl Knits book is too cool, I love the patterns, 'specially the skirts. I hadn't seen many skirt patterns that I liked but those are different.

I'm glad your pets are doing ok and I hope Chloe takes to the companion birdie well. I don't know much about birds, but I've seen cats get very depressed at losing a buddy.

AR said...

Hope your mojo gets back in shape soon! Your pets, too. Good luck to you! Have fun with your new pattern book. Making plans to knit can almost be as fun as knitting. Almost!

sara_jayne said...

Sorry about your mojo! No fun! The top still looks cute and I bet Alyssa will still wear it with pride! I'm glad to hear Moshis is doing better but so sad for Chloe :(. My heart goes out to you!

Marietta said...

but you had so much mojo going for the knitting world cup -mojo needs a nap too :)

Pink Dandelion said...

Awww That's so frustrating when something like that happens. I hope you get your mojo back soon!

:-( It's so hard to lose those loveable little furry guys. I still mourn sometimes over the loss of my dog that died almost 4 years ago.

Sharon G. said...

Girl, you and me are hanging out on the same non-mojo-having island. Howdy! LOL.

Other than the boo-boos, the sweater turned out quite lovely.

Glad to hear the furbabies are doing well. I know it's rough, but it seems like you are all handling the loss so well.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your mojo will return with a vengeance. What will you knit first out of BG Knits?? I love & hate the books/mags--love them because there's so much stuff to knit, hate them for the same reason, LOL.

Jo said...

Whimsical, you were so kind to send me helpful suggestions re socks. I tried to email you but my email got sent back with a curt note saying it had been blocked for objectionable content! What did I DO? What'd I SAY? Help!

Mari said...

Mojo is *highly* overrated! I learned to knit from a very wise Irish nun who told me that she always left a mistake in her knitting to remind herself that only God is perfect. I do the same...and this little "mojo-lapse" is proof that God not only knits, but has a great sense of humor! It's not a mistake, it's stylishly asymmetrical!