Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knitting World Cup Finals!!

I will begin this post with a bucket stamp of our Knitting World Cup team, the FINALS:

Chef Knitterie has been wonderful with the KWC, I never could have made it without all of his help!

His KWC services have been extraordinary. I love this theme:, his platter of "Garen deegwaren, met stammen van dpns met een hefty voetbalbal en een bol aan de kant." Of which, I had to ask him to translate, as Dutch language skills are nonexistent!!

Chef's KWC service is: "Yarn pasta, with stems of dpns with a hefty soccer ball and globe on the side."
This has been our theme during this Knitting World Cup, which has been graciously hosted by our friend, Yarn Monkey. Chef K and I have had a blast assembling Team Summer Ensemble for the KWC. The last member of the team is ready to be announced and take her place alongside the other team members, Kidlet Tank, Allysa Halter, Short Snort, Summer Swing, Ring-A-Ding, and our alternate, Proto. Let's give them a hand !!

Introducing....Girlfriend's Swing Coat Sweater!!!

OOPS, she's splotchy looking, how embarrassing for her! She's blocking and the blotches are the wetness that remains.

I'm sorry to say that Girlfriend is also an alternate. I am not at all happy with my knitting on GF! I used that dreadful Cottontots yarn and, as I stated earlier, I lost my ability to manage my tension with this yarn! Although, you know, when I think about it...I can't blame it all on the yarn...I did knit this during the time of the horrible pet traumas and certainly wasn't on my best game @ the time. Okay, on with the stats...I used that yarn and began with size 8 Denises, promptly changed to my addis and knit on. Then, my yummilicious Options needles arrived and I switched to them and knitting then became a joy. Even though I have all sorts of bumps and ditches through out the sweater, she's off to Allysa for her 3rd birthday, I really don't think that she will mind one bit. And, I will knit her another in a yarn that I like in the future. WOW, I am now feeling a bit of a let down since the World Cup is over, how odd...perhaps we will have another international knit-along soon...that would be fun Now, I wonder who is going to win all of that yummy knitting swag that Yarn Monkey has been so nice as to have gotten donated to the KWC?! I must say, truthfully, I want it!!


Since the GF Swing Coat Sweater has dried I thought it only decent that I update her know, because of the embarrassing blotches . Here they are:

GF Swing Coat front.
GF Swing Coat back.

Now, that I've finished the Knitting World Cup, I wonder what I will be knitting next, hmmmm....I have a bit of yarn leftover from the KWC team, I may do another top or 2 for Allysa, her birthday isn't until the end of the month, afterall.
Then, there's my sister's top...Picolovi, that I want to knit using the cone of Cotton Fleece that I have...then there are the shawls that I want to knit..and the socks...and.....


AR said...

Great work on all of that knitting! I think Allysa will love the GFSC; 3 yr olds are fun! Sometimes. LOL!

Robin said...

I am always amazed at how wonderful your blog is. I really enjoy reading it. Great job on the items for Alyssa. What a loved little girl she is that her grandma will knit so much for her. Sorry to hear about your pets and would love to hear more about your new needles from KnitPicks. Are they comparable to Addi's?
Robin from KH

Robin said...

Hello! I must've asked you that question about your knitting needles a long time ago. LOL

I hope you are doing well. I stopped posting at Knitting because I don't knit every day.

I just realized something! The Robin who asked you about your needles is a different Robin. LOl I just noticed off to the side of this box when I saw her question.

I have enjoyed learning how to knit, but I supposed I don't do anything crafty every single day. I do have a blanket I want to make from my brown 'n blue yarn. :)

Have a wonderful day!

sprite said...

Woah! Now that's an ambitiously successful World Cup set!

sara_jayne said...

Everything looks wonderful! I'm glad to hear that the Options needles made the Cottontots bearable - I can't wait for mine to come in!

Mully Nex said...

BRILLIANT! Love all your knitting and love your blog too - Allysa is going to love all her new things =D

Wendie said...

oooh, does the Chef travel? I would love to try one of his concoctions :) Love your blog Becka!

Amber said...

The GFSC is so cute!! I love the collar and great color choice too!

Julie said...

Ooooh, your swing coat turned out so cute!!! I think mine is destined for the frog pond.... ;)