Friday, July 07, 2006

Chef Knitterie Serves Friday's Feast

Chef's service for today is Fest Freitags.

In other words....Chef's service is Friday's Feast, our weekly meme.

Feast One Hundred & One
When was the last time you visited a hospital?
My mother in law was in the hospital with pneumonia last month, that would be my last visit.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how ambitious are you?
As I stated in the last Feast, I am disabled, so I am unable to work. But, I am very ambitious about life, so I would say 9.

Make a sentence using the letters of a body part. (Example: (mouth) My other ukelele tings healthily.)
I'm not always hip to the lingo of the day.

Main Course
If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it?
I am going to continue with the theme of the blog. The subject matter would be knitting. Perhaps I will find some other knitters at church and we can start a group, we can then knit for charity or for some of the missions that we support. Oh, the name....hmmm....may as well stay with the blog theme 100%...the name: "Whimsical Knitting."

What color is the carpet/flooring in your home?
Light to medium pine....this is the flooring, we have removed the carpet.

Okay, Feast is done for today....on to knitting. I will finish GF Swing Coat today, this will complete Team Summer Ensemble for the Knitting World Cup. I must say that I will be ever so happy to be done with it, too!! OMGoodness, it's been a royal pain in the butt, too!! I hate, hate, hate working with Cottontots yarn!!! I don't think that I got the point across....DETEST working with this yarn!!! But, having already bought it, I decided when I began this project and realized that I didn't like the yarn that I was going to push on and complete it. Well, it's looking horrible! I really should have put it down and gotten another yarn, but I didn't....all the pet problems were going on and, honestly, this little knitting project was the last thing on my mind! I have lost the ability to control my tension with this's impossible...therefore, as I said...I don't like the look of the sweater! Well, I decided to leave it be....afterall, Allysa is 3, she's not going to be a huge critic, right?! I will certainly make her another with nice yarn....that's a given. Right now, I am ready to be done with it. I will post a photo later....even though I don't wanna......

The Knitting World Cup deadline is the 9th, so I will be done by then..YIPPEE! This has been fun! I enjoyed participating in the Cup and getting Allysa's birthday knitting done. Now, for the next knitting project....I believe that it is going to be the lovely Picolovi for my sister. I had wanted to knit the beautiful Lotus Blossom Tank from Interweave Knits for her, but I don't have the yarn that I want to use for it on hand...and I do have Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for Picolovi on, Picolovi wins. She will be quite happy when she finds out. She told me in church this past Sunday that she's worn Soleil several times and really needs another handknit top...little did she know that I have another top in the works .
Ahh, yes, my sweet husband told me a couple of days ago that he ordered Big Girl Knits for me....he's so sweet! He knew that I had been looking @ the book, so he ordered it for me. But, Lonnie being Lonnie couldn't keep the secret and told me. I'm so excited, can't wait to get it! I was going to get it when I completed my sister's next top, but I'm very happy to know that it's already on the way!!
Oops, almost forgot....I ordered a beautiful pattern from White Lies Designs, the yummy Krista Tee. I will make her for both me and my sister. She will really be thrilled...I may give it to her for Christmas, though...or, I may not be able to help myself if I actually knit it a while before Christmas...time will tell.


AR said...

I'm glad you sound like you feel a little better. Hopefully, the sad/bad things are done for you for a while. Don't they say it comes in threes? I'd say you've had your share! I do want to see a picture of your GF swingcoat even if you HATE that yarn. I haven't used it before. I've heard both good and bad things about it.
ps. Thanks for your nice comments about my wips. Do you ever literally itch to knit more socks? I do! LOL!

Marce said...

Hey Becka!
Just stopping in to say that I've finally caught up on all of your posts. I LOVE reading your blog. It's just like we're having a chat =)
Your knitting continues to inspire me. Congrats on your Summer Ensemble too for the World Cup - amazing!

Did things work out with the 24 hour fast?

roxtarchic said...

btw... HAVE to thank you for the recommendation on the Scarf Style (finished the ruffly one while we traveled this past wk)!

oh & i'm sooo gettin a yarn winder now! (ebaying it now) ;)

wishin ya happy things

sara_jayne said...

I hope the rest of the swing coat goes quickly for you - cottontots is such a nightmare. Your Lonnie is just too sweet. My DH is very good at keeping secrets, but I'm like Lonnie I have to tell!