Friday, February 24, 2012


I adore knitting for babies! My nephew is having his first child, a boy ;-) Thus far I've knit one placket pullover in natural color fingering wt. yarn; two short sleeved sock yarn sweaters in SWTC Tofutsies...I'm decorating one with a snake up the front (Icord with a face, lol!) and the other with a brown bow tie and football buttons. And one more tee shirt, which is my favorite because it will last several months as he and the ribbing grows, non stop top in camo yarn for my nephew. I've not finished with embellishments or blocking so I can't post pics...
And I've knit 5 pairs of baby socks, hope to knit 5 more. I will post the pattern when I'm done. I didn't have access to a computer when I decided to knit baby socks so I cast on and experimented, then held my sock against a store bought baby sock for size!
So, no pics, but wanted to check in.
My ortho doc says my pain is not surprising because it's only been 6 weeks since surgery. That statement in itself made me feel better, knowing that there was nothing wrong!

Chef Knitterie serves up HAPPY KNITTING wishes to all!


hakucho said...

I enjoy knitting for babies too, especially blankets :) They don't tend to outgrow them so fast ;)

janna said...

Oh you inspire me. As I too am in pain from my brain falling out of the bottom of my skull. Ive had 11 brain surgeries since Oct 2003, the last one in May 2010. I hope your recovery from surgery is going well. I look forward to more blog posts. I taught myself to knit after having 7 brain surgeries, I wanted to keep my brain busy and thinking. Instead of pouting about never working again. Tough day when doc told me she didn't forsee me returning to work at an office job. Because no one will employ someone who must rest 20 minutes every 2hours by lying down... hope all is well with you.