Monday, February 13, 2012

NEW Design .... finally!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Can you believe that it's already mid February, 2012?! My goodness, time does truly FLY! I don't know about you, but we here in the Southeastern U.S. are having a very COLD Feb.! And, Spike so does NOT like it! LOL, she hated changes in weather prior to surgery, but WOW, she is really acting up now! FYI, if you don't know..."Spike" is my hip prosthesis:

I've been knitting for my future great nephew! Baby knitting is such fun! So far I've knit 4 tops and am currently writing a toe up baby socks pattern to go with the tops, after all, infant socks can use leftover sock yarn and you can easily match socks with the baby top or hat, etc.

I designed a new scarf for my daughter's Valentine's Day gift...thankfully she doesn't read my blogs so I can post the pattern without spoiling her surprise! The scarf is titled "Shannon's Valentine Scarf" and can be found on my design blog, there's a link on the sidebar or you can find it "here". It's a fun knit, using a bit of cabling and lace...just enough to keep you interested but not so much as to drive you crazy...perfect for a night of TV and knitting!

Have a fun Valentine's Day!!!

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Sandi said...

Beautiful! This is going on my to knit list! Happy Valentine's Day!