Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brody has Arrived!!!!

Hey Everyone!
We are so excited around here. My new great-nephew has arrived! His name is, right?! The world became a better place on Friday, April 13, 2012 when he was born to my sweet nephew, Glenn and his wonderful wife Nicole! They made the most beautiful baby boy! I know family always says this, but I promise he looks like his dad did when he was born! Although....Glenn was HUGE, the boy looked 3 months old when he was born, whereas Brody was 7 lbs (oops, I forgot the oz!).
I, of course, designed and knit a few pairs of socks for him, 12 pair, I think. I'll publish the patterns on my design blog soon. In addition to the socks I knit a few little tees for him and designed a baby blankie, this one: The pattern will follow shortly, too, although I've not yet decided if I'm submitting for publication of simply publishing it on the design blog...knit decisions, decisions!
I LOVE to knit for babies, especially such sweet ones as family!!!!
Some pictures of his socks and tees:


Ariel Luciana said...

What a lucky baby. Congrats!

Lita said...

Wow, aren't they blessed to be related to you!

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