Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Uh OH...Sally got in TROUBLE again!!!

Here's how the last few days have gone....
1st of all, this freakishly cold Southern weather is really causing an increase in my pain level. AND yesterday (Mon.) there were problems @ the pharmacy with nuttin but rudeness (Lonnie fixed everything, of course).
Then today (Tues)...
Okay, if you still read my know that Sally is our mini doxie:

And you might remember her copperhead experience last July!
Well, Tues. morning around 6 she goes out for her morning ...well, potty, etc.
When she came back in & Lonnie picked her up she began to wimper...something she never does! We quickly discovered a bruise in her mouth! On the right side...FYI, the copperhead bite was on the left side!
Sally wanted to do NADDA...nothing, not a thing...didn't even have the least bit of interest in her favorite thing - food! That sent up the "Something is very hinky smoke signals!"
Since I'm having such trouble with Spike (what we now affectionately call the spike in my leg and hip...I mean 3rd hip replacement!) I'm in bed...well, Sally layed down @ the bottom of the bed & didn't move! Only lifted her ear @ bit when I called her. You must understand...all of this is VERY unusual! Look at her...she just looks so miserable!! And she's on the electric blanket, wrapped up in my new Wizard of Oz throw with an ice pack on the swelling on her mouth!
I watched her for a bit...when one of Lonnie's employees arrived he came directly home and off to the vet we headed! Needless to say, she's scared (face it, she's not had the best experiences @ the vet!) and so NOT happy (as you can see, neither she nor Lonnie were in photogenic moods! can you blame them?!)  The vet nurse examined her 1st, she had a temp on high side of norm and swollen mouth. The vet then came in & examined her. We all deduced that when she was out in the morning that she encountered some type of creature that wasn't happy to see her! PRAISE GOD it wasn't poisonous....but very painful, the inside of her mouth is bruised and swollen inside and out. The doc gave her an injection of steroids...OUCH! She told us that she didn't find any puncture marks, but we assume a squirrel of something got her when she happened upon it while it was dark and cold. Thankfully the vet saw no signs of a venomous attack. BUT, she did tell us that it's a very painful injury. She sent Sally home with oral steroids for a few days (LOL, I had to pick mine up from our pharmacy on the way home...hope we both don't have "roid rage!") and said she should improve. And, of course, to call/come see her right away if needed.
And there she is...didn't even want her sweater/dress removed...she just wanted back in bed with Mama (that would be me!). 'em so, but I'll tell ya this...they don't back down from anybody or anything!
Praying my 4 legged baby is better very soon!
Oh...almost forgot! Knitting a pair of socks for Lonnie and have a list of accessories to knit for my kids to help keep them warm during this COLD winter....STAY WARM, everyone & God Bless!


bunnits said...

Oh, poor baby. I hope she heals quickly with no complications. And that you get better, too. Prayers for all of you. Stay warm.

Becka said...

Thanks, my friend! She finally began feeling better this afternoon, after her 3rd dose of medication. PRAISE GOD whatever she entangled with wasn't poisonous!!!
Hope y'all had a wonderful holiday season!!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

I bet she's thinking "you should see the other critter"! Hope she is well soon -- they are so pathetic when sick!