Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Designs Up!

OMGoodness, I'm ashamed to post to my blog....I've left you on the roadside, poor blog....please forgive me! And let's hope that I'll one day take care of you as I should!

Okay, with that said...a quick note:
2 new designs are available and are linked on the sidebar. "New Hope Scarf"
AND "Shannon's Slippers" (which I LOVE!)

Now...if only I actually make the time to update the photos of my FO's for this year I'll have something new to post....wonder how long this will take?! Again, sorry blog...I've been very neglectful (Facebook seems to have sucked the internet life away from you!) and hope to rectify this problem (again, how many times have I posted this?!).
God bless and happy knitting everyone!!

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