Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Holidays 2010 - What a BLAST!!!

We were so fortunate....had one of the greatest Christmases in years! What a blessing! Our daughter, Shannon, who moved out of town a few months ago AND our son, Adam and his lovely wife, April were home from Kansas! GLORIOUS! If our middle daughter, Amy and her family had made it it would have been perfection! But, with that said, 2 outta 3 kids is great!
Allow me to show you some of our family fun!
A few pix on Christmas day:
 Shannon with Uncle Mike!
 Some family members unwrapping & enjoying gifts.
 My Honey Buns, aka "Music Man" - Lonnie!
 My sister, Shannon and Uncle Mike
My beautiful sister with the pretty gifts from Shannon (sis didn't want to unwrap them because they were wrapped so nicely!)
 Daughter in law April and our son, Adam - gorgeous, aren't they?! LOL, it's a family thing!!

We, of course went to church the day after Christmas. Shannon had to return home after church. We then explored a bit with Adam and April while they were here:
LOL, Adam with Santa on River Street!
 My boys, Adam and Lonnie - good looking pair!
 Lonnie, April and Adam by a cool grave in Bonaventure Cemetery (yep, I've always loved to explore cemeteries...especially around here!)
 Gracie's grave in Bonaventure Cemetery - this girl died in the 17 or 1800s; her likeness has been on her grave since her death, I believe. Well, when I was 17 yrs old I'd ridden my bike to the cemetery with some friends. AND, it looked like Gracie's statue was looking @ me, following me with her eyes! I jumped on my bike, took off like lightning and wrecked on Bonaventure Rd, got 17 sts in my leg! To this day, "Gracie" freaks me out and follows me with her eyes...of course it's because it's a fabulous sculpture, but still freaky.....just sayin'!
 Another very beautiful grave in Bonaventure Cemetery
April is kickin' it with Santa on River Street!!
 Adam thru an O
 Adam, Shannon & April by one of the Christmas trees @ church 12-26-2010
 Me with my "boys"....Adam and my honey, Lonnie!
 Adam and April - so much in love!!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2011
God Bless you all!!!

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