Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Knitting

Hello Friends!
As I've said so many times in the past - I'm so sorry that I've not been blogging! Seems as though Facebook has taken the place of blogging! Well, let's see if I can actually (finally) remember to blog....I know, a song I've been singing, my apologies.

This Christmas, the 1st in several years, I decided to do a few small knitted items. It was fun and not at all rushed (which is why I've declined to knit for Christmas in years past). This year I knit small items, each and everyone was greatly appreciated, which, of course, makes it all worthwhile!

My dear nephews' dad died the fall of this year. He was quite the racing aficionado and had been all of his life. So I decided to design and knit a black and white mitered lap throw for each of them which represented the winners flag: "The Finish Line Lapghans"
 (these are folded, of course!)

For my dear sister, I knit a Haruni. She loves it, I'm afraid I didn't get a photo on her, rather on my glass head, LOL...not MY head, you'll see, LOL!!! To go with her Haruni, lovely fingerless gloves (again, my photography isn't up to par, my apologies!)
 The gloves are Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts from my fave new book Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders (of which I'm blessed to have 2 new patterns in!)

For my daughter in law, April a scarf (totally forgot to write the pattern...duh me!),  Crazy, Beautiful Mittens and Meret Beret

Next are a few stocking stuffers!
For my son, Adam, a simple knit cap (again, no pattern we all know...a pattern isn't needed!) with raglan decreasing on the crown.

For my daughter in law, April I knit Mae's Slippers with the addition of too cute yellow flowers! 

Last, but not least, our youngest daughter, Shannon's stocking stuffers included another pair of the Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts from Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders (cool book!) and Mary Jane Slippers

All in all, I thoroughly ENJOYED this bit of Christmas knitting!
By the way, we had the very best Christmas in years! Two of our 3 children made it home - GLORIOUS!!!


hakucho said...

Lot's of wonderful Christmas knits! The finish line lapghans were so thoughtful :)I bet they will be a cherish item for many years to come.

Becka said...

Hey girl!! How are you?!?
Thanks for your kind words, my nephews & wives really seemed touched which made me so happy.