Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surprise from HUBBY & another....

Hey People!

Hope everyone is well!

I've been trying to knit for my fave yarn co., SWTC....but, alas, I've not been able to make myself knit....SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS, I KNOW! Well, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and as my body is becoming adjusted to the meds I've felt horrible and unable to do anything! But, PRAISE GOD, I'm finally beginning to feel more like me and happy to knit...that was scary, not wanting to knit, it's like not wanting to breathe!

AND, remember, just had surgery in May, then messed up my back at the end of that recovery and THEN sprained both ankles (and wrists, but I've not told anyone about that!)! I don't know if you recall the lovely army boot looking

braces that I had to wear in the
past, but I'm not happy to say I'm wearing them again, LOL! They are a fashion statement, NOT a good one, but a statement! Yes, when it rains it pours on Becka, LOL...but, PRAISE GOD, I'm okay, I'm not dying, my high blood pressure was found on a fluke (work of God, of course) and it's under control and my ankles hurt and I look funnier on crutches, NOT a problem, LOL!

NOW for the GOOD STUFF that I was saving for the end of the post!!!!!!!

My SWEET HUSBAND walked in last night and said, "I have a surprise for you!" and he had a diet pepsi in his hand, which I had been craving, I assumed that was my surprise and was VERY happy about it. BUT NO, not my Music Man...he pulled an IPhone out of his pocket!!! I mean, CAN U BELIEVE?! I had wanted an ITouch for Christmas, but he ran across a deal with a friend at work and decided that I shouldn't wait until Christmas and BAM, he gets the IPhone for me and simply said, "We'll get a 16 gig Touch for you for Christmas and I'll take this for my phone." I AM MARRIED TO AN ANGEL!
I won't use the IPhone as a phone, rather a touch to play with all sorts of apps and (possibly music, LOL, I have a nano for music!) update contacts, etc....I'M SO EXCITED!!! I am, once again, happy dancin' all over the place (LOL, figuratively speaking, can't dance today!). I could go on and on and on about the wonders that are my husband, but I'll not this time....let's just say, there's not a better man on the face of the Earth...AND, that's not because he surprises me with goodies all of the time, that isn't even a tiny drop in the bucket! But, I digress, I wanted to share the fun with ya'll.

I'm off to knit...........


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stopped by after making your 'A Touch of Whimsy Hat'from the Knit calendar from 2008.
I hope you feel better soon. To not feel well enough to knit is a bummer!

Sandi said...

Hey! I took some time off my farm...LOL...and updated my your turn! Hope you are feeling better!