Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who knew..... AND, the copperhead experience!

OMGoodness...I never even imagined that I would begin to Twitter and Facebook, who knew?! I don't even blog regularly! But, alas....I caved! And in caving, have run into a LOT of friends and family on FB that I've not seen nor talked with in a while...so that's a good thing! But, I'm addicted to this game...FarmTown (YES, I've become a virtual farmer, me a CITY girl!) and it seems to be have virus troubles...so, what's a virtual farm girl to do?!

Knit, of course, that is the answer! I've recently finished a very cute sock design, but, alas, it's a stealth project, one that won't be seen for a year, I think...but they are cute! AND, my SWTC friends sent a package of yarn & patterns for additional knits that may be chosen for the cover of Socks a la Carte II - Toe up! THAT IS SO COOL! I've been told that these socks and several of the socks that I designed and knit will be sent to the publisher for the cover socks to be chosen! I may have something that I knit on the cover...THAT IS SO COOL (did I say that already?!)

Okay, you all know Sally, Right?! Well, last week (Wed or Thurs nite) she got bitten by acopperhead around midnight! Oh dear, it was a HORRID experience all around! We thought we were losing her!
We called and then took her to the emergency vet, where she had to spend the night for IV fluids and a LOT of meds...we then had to pick her up @ 7:30am & take her to our vet where she stayed several more hours. Came home with meds, etc. She was lethargic from the meds and the venom for a couple of days, but PRAISE GOD she's okay...got a clean bill of health from the vet Sunday. It was then that the vet told us that she was very worried about Sally and the bite & was very happy to see that she had done so well.
You see, the vets told us that if one is to get bitten by a poisonous snake in this area that the copperhead is the snake "of choice" because it doesn't attack the central nervous system the way in which pit vipers (rattlers, etc) do. The bite area is very painful, swells, etc and if not taken care of in a timely fashion then the animal (or person) can easily go into anaphylactic shock.
Oh yeah....my husband put up the cutest little iron fence so that Sally will stay out of the back yard (where the snake attack happened) and can easily be seen!
We think this happened because the woods directly behind us have just been chopped down for a road and critters are trying to find a home! This is the 3rd copperhead we've seen in our yard in the 20 years we've lived here....hopefully the LAST!

Well, I'm off to knit...was going to do some "virtual farming" beforehand, but alas, until I know that the virus trouble is taken care of (even though I have a well protected Mac) I will limit my "farming" to my farm alone....so knitting it will be...I LOVE knitting!

Happy Summer, Everyone!

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