Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just - WOWZER!!!!!

It's like this............................
just read ahead, I mean is this cool OR WHAT?! I can finalllllllly let the cat outta the bag.... as if the ENTIRE knitting community didn't know that SWTC is my FAVORITE yarn company when I said in earlier blog posts that "my fave yarn company" had opted for a design of mine....OF COURSE IT'S SWTC and I'm tickled PINK!!!!!

Hearts of Faith Scarf
Photo Courtesy of SWTC
(click to enlarge)

I am happy and honored to tell you that "Hearts of Faith Scarf" design
is now available from the one and only SWTC
and is found on Ravelry, a button click away!

Click this little red linky:
or here for the info.

This scarf was knit with one of SWTC's newest yarns, Tranquility, 70% of the finest wool & 30% of lush bamboo - an extaordinary mixture and an absolute pleasure to knit with!

Happy Knitting and God Bless!



Cass www.shutupimcounting.com said...

Woohooo Congrats! It's a gorgeous design!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Iam not surprised your designs are so lovely congratulations you deserve it:)Hugs Darcy

Sandi said...

The scarf is just beautiful, congratulations, you are so blessed with talent! Sandi

Pink Dandelion said...

Too cool!! Lovely scarf! How fun to have it published by your favorite yarn company =)