Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Friends (almost)

Happy Thanksgiving
I hope and pray that each and every one of you have a very blessed holiday season!
I love this time of year as we come together to give thanks for our many blessings
remember to give thanks each and every day!!!

Okay, so sorry I've not been around for a while! I really and truly do have new patterns to post, I promise! LOL, I don't blame ya if you don't believe me, LOL, I've spoken of patterns yet they've not all been seen! Of course, I'm still so stoked about the Hearts of Faith Scarf becoming available from my fave yarn company - SWTC!!! I don't know if I'll ever get over that!! AND the book is coming out in Dec. and Jonelle (from SWTC) has recently seen it and said it's spectacular! I'm so blessed, I have to say!
So, since I've been fortunate enough that my fave yarn company has opted for a few of my designs that I've decided that it's FAR past time for me to design free patterns for my fellow knitters! With that said, I have 3 ladies' sock designs and 2 men's socks, too...I have to take the photos and I hope to post them over the Thanksgiving holidays! you see, I've been designing and knitting, not much blogging!
I've also designed a cool new scarf, have placed an order for some yummilicious SWTC Gianna yarn to knit it up (with matching accessories, I hope) for our annual Christmas vacation! I hope to post the scarf before we leave for vacation - I have a bit of vacation knitting to do, so I hope to get it up for anyone who may want a yummy, bulky scarf for the cold season! I can't get enough scarves - I love, love them!
Oh, this year we are off to Disney World for vacation! We've not been to Disney World in over 15 years! I so love Disney! LOL, I'm a kid @ heart, that's for sure! Some of you may know that I wanted a Tinkerbell tat for my 50th bday (Dec 6!!)...well, I decided to get it after our vacation...who knows what kind of ideas I'm gonna get in Disney World!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Okay, sorry to have yet another post without knitting or yarn porn - perhaps the next one!

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Mama Bear said...

I don't know when you head out, but I hope you have a wonderful time at Disney World!