Monday, September 17, 2007

Just A Quickie!

Once in a while I'm cool with a "quickie" (doing something fast, writing a short blog post, etc) blog life is like my real life, I'm not at all cool with Quickie anything (I take my time with most all things, trying to do my best, but, I digress ..... )

I want to tell ya'll how EXCITING that the Pay It Forward Exchange is already...and I've only just begun! You know we have 6 months to complete it! I have my wonderful 3 PIF and I want to encourage any of you who are interested in joining to stop by one of their blogs and leave a comment to be one of their Pay It Forward participants!! Please, Please...this is going to be such BLAST!!!! Stop by Julie's and Jacquie's blogs. I know that Julie still needs participants, but i'm not entirely sure about Jacquie. I do, of course have my 3rd PIF , Colleen (the rock star, the very rock star!) who will be Paying It Forward a bit in the future.
As a matter of fact, 2 of my PIF are ...both Colleen and Julie!!! I think that is OUTSTANDING!
I have SO VERY MANY PIF ideas, but, of course, I can't share them until after I've sent my gifts .... and that is driving me so because I want to SHOUT TO THE WORLD that I am Paying It ( love for those of whom I share this planet!) Forward!!!! But, alas, I cannot. I will be secretive and imaginative!!!

Oh Me, Oh My!!! My Honey Buns, My Man, the Love of My know Him....LONNIE, got his brand spanking new Ipod in the mail last week before they were ever released to the stores (with engraving, also not available in stores other than Apple) , he was so happy and I was so PROUD & HAPPY to be on the giving end of the spoiling for once....finally! Well, truthfully, we decided together, but I did tell him that if he didn't order it at that moment that I would order it after he was asleep! Isn't it nice to see goodies that Lonnie has received?! I think so!

I had to pop back in to add this! My dear friend Cheryl from the rockin' knitting store and blog, DivaKnitting has tagged me as a HOW COOL IS THAT?! , Cheryl!!

I'm looking forward to seeing your Paying It Forward on your blogs!!!!
So far today my angels are full! CAN YOU BELIEVE?! This exchange is growing like crazy, OUTSTANDING! Come on, join us!! You can be a part of one of their angel's group or one of the next set...and so it grows!!! If you need help to find an open spot, I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to help!!


Julie said...

my future (end of Oct.) sister-in-law is wanting one of those. That's the new video nano, right? How do you (Lonnie) like it?

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

OH, no, this is the 160GB iPod Classic that I was talking about in a previous post. We will probably get a Nano, though, because I want one, although I have no reason to have one and Lonnie likes them, too. He LOVES music (he's a musician) & LOVES his iPods which is why the BORN TO IPOD cloth came about!

Lis said...

The PIF sounds like an awesome idea! Oh, and congrats on being a rockin' girl blogger! By the way, you've been tagged for 8 things about me. :)

PS: I'm jealous of your hubby. I want that ipod!

essjay said...

Lonnie's new iPod looks fantastic! I love the engraving!