Tuesday, September 18, 2007

8 Things About Me

Before I begin the 8 things deal allow me to talk a bit about how the Pay It Forward Exchange is going....and GROWING...like the branches of a tree OMGoodness, if you want to join hop over by Julie's and Jacquie's blogs and see if you can join some of the people's groups that have joined them!!! Don't feel leftout, come on and join us!! I have things in the works for my 3 already, but...I have SIX MONTHS to get them done! How cool is that. Not only that, in the next 6 months I will received something splendid from my friend Wendy because I'm in her group! This exchange so ROCKS!!!

OK, my good friend Lis has TAGGED ME!! With 8 Things About Me.
Before I begin I must post the rules for those of you who are going to be tagged by me are to follow:

Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged.

8 Things About Me
1. I have the best husband in the world (lol, no where in the rules does is stipulate that I must say something that you don't already know, LOL!)
2. I am disabled and have been for over 20 years. It all began with a wreck, a guy ran a stop sign one night (Oct. 21, 1981) at a very high rate of speed and hit our car (I should have been killed instantly, but God had other plans) and after the car spun around, hit the phone pole & popped it in 1/2 I could only think, "Get out of the car some way, it's going to catch on fire" I fell out of the car & pulled myself into the middle of the street with sheer will power and (oh, I forgot to mention: at the time, I was a clinical instructor in Respiratory Therapy @ a local university) I then heard a voice that I recognized behind me and to the right....the guy that hit us was one of my students, LOL!!! Let's just say I'm very happy is was late @ night & he didn't know he was going to hit a car & that I was going to be in it or I would certainly have felt as if I had "lost the attention" of my students...or that I was really doing a bad job!
3. Lonnie and I had our 1st date March 17, 1980 - we were married May 13, 1989. Yep, God does have a perfect mate for everyone! Yes, there is really such a thing as "Love @ 1st site!
4. I am a Christian and have been since April, 1987
5. I have 3 children, all grown, and 1 grandchild....BUT, nobody is allowed to call me by the "G" word, so she calls my "Honey"...."Grandma Honey"...I tried, but she had to throw the "G" word in! For goodness sakes, I'm a rock n roll girl, always have been, a rock n roll chick isn't supposed to be addressed by the "G" word....but, my heart melts when she says it, so it's okay!
6. When our youngest left for college Lonnie got for me and we are now a couple of "THOSE" people that take their dog on vacation and she goes to places like Doggie Day Care (that has a shaped like a bone for their babies)for the day when she can't go wherever we are going (of course, we check their references!).
7. I've been knitting 3 years and I originally began after praying and asking God to please show me something that I could do that would help keep my mind off of my pain and occupy my time with something fun!....and...I'm HAPPY to say it does both!
8. I'm afraid I've become a reality TV junkie...well, not all shows but, I do watch Big Brother; Top Chef; Trading Spouses; Wife Swap (because those last 2 are HILARIOUS!) and, of course, Trading Spaces.
NOW....I'm off to tag 8 or YOU before someone else gets to you!

I'm so happy to read that ya'll like Lonnie's iPod, I was so HAPPY to finally be a part of such a purchase for him....you see, Lonnie is a musician and very particular about electronics and all things on which he listens to his music and will change his mind from moment to moment! So, the very day the new generation of iPods was announced & when we sat down and looked at the Apple site and I saw the one he wanted I told him, "Get it now, Baby, or I will order it tonight, and who knows what I will engrave?!" And, he had his in hand, showing his friends before the 1st one ever hit a store, he was so proud! LOL!! He LOVES it, it's huge, not the iPod, but the storage 160 GB! Our 1st computer had 16 GB...CAN U BELIEVE?!
I want a Nano, have absolutely, positively no reason for one, I would use the hard drive more than the music portion (we have several mp3 players, I've no need for one!), I just think they are cute! So...I think I'll get a Knitting Bag because, frankly, I've got to have a bag that will not only protect my knitting, but protect my vintage yarn holders! I just have to decide which one.....decisions, decisions...........


Lis said...

I love reading this 8 things about me meme. It lets me get to know the blogger behind the blog. :)

I can't believe you've only been knitting for 3 years! You've some awesome socks and scarf designs. I'll probably have to knit for 10 years to get there!

AR said...

Ok,I'll play! :)
Your 8 things were interesting. I hope I can come up with 8 new things about me.

hakucho said...

Oh, gosh you tagged me!! Well. I'm adding it to my to-do-list. I'm ashamed to say Ren tagged me quite awhile ago and I've been a bad girl. Then Melody tagged me recently for another thing. So this makes three. I'll be working on them...hopefully soon :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your 8 thinks meme. Yes, God did have other plans for you. I admire you for your strength and cheerfulness despite your pain.

Have fun with PIF.

Beloved said...

I very much enjoyed reading the 8 things about you.
I was also disabled due to a car accident in 2004, and decided to teach myself to knit to keep my mind off the pain.
Kudos to you for your pay it forward!!