Sunday, March 18, 2007


A Stash Along that I can agree with and join! Ya'll all know I don't do that stash busting nonsense...don't even speak that foreign language! I LOVE yarn too much for that, frankly, I will never understand why anyone would want to stop buying yarn, it makes my head hurt just trying to figure it out!
I digress, let's talk about the greatest Stash Along of 2007.......HOW COOL IS THAT?! To join/cooperate with this Stash Along one needs only to get yarn, however one may (beg, borrow, buy [I'm not gonna say steal, that's wrong!])and I am all for it! I need to get busy looking around. Right now my latest purchase is just a hank of KP Bare that arrived yesterday...I need to go yarn shopping and I do love Little Knits' bag sales...I am going to take a look now!

Oh yeah, before I (once again) forget Project Spectrum I do have 2 projects that I have completed using the colors for Feb/Mar which are blue, gray, and white. These are, of course the socks that I knit for Lonnie...
and then as I was looking thru some photos I found some other FOs that are blue: Oh, and a blue and gray one!

And these white ones from a long while ago:
I looked and looked and looked some more, but couldn't find any other gray FOs, just the socks that I recently knit for My Man, so I made this with a little help from my camera
I think that I have now fulfilled my Project Spectrum color requirements for Feb and Mar!


Sean said...

well, i placed my first order with little knits yesterday and went in on some new KP options and baby ull with a friend's order, so count me in the stash along even though i keep swearing to myself i'm going on a yarn buying hiatus! (why, because I'm broke! car payment? nah! yarn! doctor's visit? NAH! YARN!) but hey, it's working. ;)

thanks for letting me know about the comments, i don't know what happened, but comments and backlinks were turned off. there was a messed up pic too, so i appreciate it! and i freakin LOVE THOSE SOCKS! I think about them every day and bought a ream of paper just to print the patterns out today. :) I bought more Opal too! I think I am going to make a pink pair for BFF of the Mock ones, but it's a self-striping, so maybe not... we'll see, but I can't wait!!!

del said...

What a cool stashalong...wish I could join. I don't go on yarn diets by choice, trust me!!

Love the P.S. projects!

Sandi said...

It's nice to see you being able to post again! Glad to also hear that you are doing better so you can enjoy all your wonderful new gifts from your wonderful husband! Always enjoy seeing your projects, you are a really talented knitter!

Michelle said...

I don't think I will ever do the no buying yarn thing again. Not a whole lot of fun.