Saturday, September 02, 2006

Stashis Organizationus

Stashis Organizationus

Not, deadly, but there are severe side effects related to this bug...BEWARE!
At the onset of S.O. I began to feel shaky, as if I needed to move, move about my home looking for something, but I didn't know what it was I was supposed to look for, I began to get confused, I was alone, I was scared.....
Lonnie My MM (it's obvious to me, and I'm sure any reader that I suck at using these code names, maybe I need to come up with a better one for Lonnie my Music Man, because, franky, I think Music Man sounds hinky!) came home and took note of my erratic behavior. He asked if I were okay, or .... so he told me because I have no memory of this.......delirium resulting from this bug had set in!!!

Mind you, I have no recollection of this, but I was told by my MM that I got in the van and drove to Big Lots (best place around for cheap storage containers!) and came home with 3 more storage boxes (35 qt boxes).

During the delirium nothing goes on other than the organization of cleaning and organizing of closets or drawers and cabinets in the kitchen...just yarn.

This bug is specific to a certain area, much like the bugs that centralize in the respiratory or intestinal system...this bug centralizes on yarn, nothing but yarn and it MUST be organized, if not, the shakes and loss of memory continue.

I know this because I was told by MM (thus the continued loss of memory) that I tried not to organize, I'm sure this comes from my natural aversion to all things that have to do with household duties!

Anyway, he told me that I tried to kick back and watch a movie with him, but I was shaking as if I had severe chills from a high fever.

Well, I did have a fever, one that would not go away until the deed was done!

Apparently, I then got said deed done, and .... I took pictures, who knew?!

OH, on a side note, apparently this bug is very yarn specific, because I didn't touch any of the Woolease and a few other acrylic blends that I still have from when I began to knit and thought that yarn was the Cat's Pajamas.

This yarn continues to reside in the cabinet and drawer of the entertainment center in the bedroom,'s not being squished by lots of other yarns that now live happily under the bed!
If ya gotta get a bug, I'm thinking this is the one to get! I was quite happy when I got up this morning and saw all of this. Although, I'm not real pleaseD with the loss of memory side effect, man, that's spooky! Not only is my yarn now organized, when I went through the nicely packed boxes (all 7 of them that I pulled out from under my bed, nicely hidden!) I found yarn that I had forgetten that I had. For example, I thought that I had 6 skeins of Lamb's Pride...I have 16!
And, boy, I also have plans, baby, plans....I could knit for a long time with this yarn, but, you know what?! I have a feeling that I am going to continue to acquire yarn and need more boxes for future bouts of Stashis Organizationus.


Mienna said...

*laugh* That's awesome, you're a great story teller. All the pretty yarns make me want to droooooool.

AR said...

haha. All of that yarn does make me drooooooool!

alliesw said...

You are agreat storyteller--and I am wanting to catch that bug, because my stash could use some reorganizing. And maybe that memory loss is a gift--otherwise you might not want to buy more (to organize)!

Charles said...

HEY~~~ How are you doing!!! I saw your post on cozy's blog, I love your knitting blog alot!!!
Loove the pic and other knitting stuff~~Thank you fir show me!!!

Visit my blof sometime!!! Bye~~


Too funny!

AJ said...

And I thought I had a lot of yarn! LOL.

sara_jayne said...

Good for you for organizing everything! :) I did that just last week and it was hard but fun!

Sharon said...

A girl can never have enough yarn!!

Hey thanks for stopping by and saying hi because now I have come over here to see who you are and guess what? I am coming back because I like what I see :) I am going to snabble your ipod dishcloth pattern too, but to be used for a face washer (cloth) for my ipod crazy daughter, thanks for sharing.

roxtarchic said...

OHHH i know that fever, except mine just makes me twitch and its usually brought on by the unaddressed wedding invitation ENVELOPES that are mockin me!

that & the fever for the flavor of a pringle... (your stash makes me green w/jealousy)

and thnx for the comments bout the singing... if lonnie did it, i can do it too!!!! i'll just keep in the back of my mind... that you didnt bust out crying ;)

Amber said...

Sounds like a wonderful disease to have -- is it catching? ;-)

KnitMongrel said...

Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog and leaving my FIRST COMMENT EVER! You rock, and I love your blog... I'll be back!

Romi said...

Can I catch it from visiting your blog? :)