Friday, September 08, 2006

TGIF and so it goes.....

With that said, it's time for me to do something that I've forgotten for many Fridays!
Friday's Feast! I would love for Chef Knitterie to assist, but he is spending a few months traveling Europe with his cousin, Geoffrey, so, it will just be me this Friday.
So, let's see what's up with the feast this week! I never read the questions until I get to them as I'm posting, so...what's up today?!

Feast One Hundred & Ten
Name 3 things that you are wearing today.
That's easy enough..Dark gray shorts; white, snap up top and black Crocs.

Who was the last person you hugged?
My sweet husband, of course!

What do you like to order from your favorite fast food place?
Taco Pizza and an Apple Empanada.. that was a dead giveaway for Taco Bell, what can I say?! I love the Bell!

Main Course
What time of day do you usually feel most energized?
These days it would be late morning after my workout. Back in the day it was around midnight!

Using the letters in your first name, write a sentence. (Example: Sweet unusual spaniels are nice.)
Bad Elephants Can Kick Apes.

Another fun Meme that I found is the Blogger Code. What's your code?!
Mine is B2 d- t- k+ s+ u-- f- i o+ x-- e- l c+
Oh my, there are lots of Memes around on the net, I think that I will begin using one once a week or so.

I need some ideas from you all! I want to do a contest on my blog, and have some yummy giveaways. I have some very nice things in mind for the actual prize, but I can't think of a cool contest, well, I have thought of a couple, but I want some more ideas before I implement my ideas. So, tell me your ideas for a contest, perhaps I'll use it. I've thought of "How many stitches do you think are in X project." and "Tell me the name of this song, here are a few lyrics." and I've also considered, "What am I knitting?" which would be great, but I've pretty much said what I'm about to knit here on the blog. I have a couple more ideas, but I want some cool, creative ideas...HELP ME, PLEASE!!

Onto the knitting front... I have designed and knit some handtowels, I have to type up the patterns, I think that they are rather cute! The link to the patterns will be in the sidebar in a day or two, keep watching!
I also have a design in my mind for a scarf. I've mapped it out a bit on paper, but have not yet knit any, I've been waiting for the perfect yarn. Well, yesterday I found it! I ordered a beautiful colorway of this luscious yarn that I've been hearing about from my friends at KH, Malabrigo. I'm told that it's to die for! My local shops don't carry it and my friend Cheryl from DivaKnitting suggested her lys, Lambikins. So, I hopped over to their site and looked and looked and looked at the Malabrigo colorways and finally decided on Sealing Wax, it's definitely yummilicious and screaming "DESIGN WITH ME!" So, I will certainly give it a try! And, I had to add this note, not only did I order this yarn yesterday, but it was shipped yesterday! I will let you know when I receive it.

Well, as I said in a previous post, I was working on a version of Annie Modesitt's Corset T for Sally, my mini doxie. Well, I finished it a few days ago and it's rather cute, more like, Sally is rather cute wearing it!

Here you see the front/back, whatever laced up with a glittery yarn, I couldn't find a nice tape yarn like was used in the original pattern and had to wing it! I was actually out of town when I completed this and had to grab what Michaels in Hilton Head had, this Paton's glittery stuff, should I do another, I won't use that yarn!

Here you see the underside, how cute is my baby?!

Another shot of the ties.

Sally knows she looks good!

I am currently finishing up a lovely lace scarf with SWTC bamboo in the parrot colorway. I will then finish Lonnie's socks that I have OTN. I detest, hate, hate, detest this having several projects going at once! I can't even speak the language! I am one of the odd ducks, I always will be!
I feel as if I'm getting nothing accomplished when I have more than one project otn, I've tried this last month and I don't like it, so, when I finish up these 2 projects I will return to my wonderful world of monogamous knitting...unless, as I've stated before, I have a large project going and I get bored, my monogamy will lapse and I will have a little bit on the side, a quicky, you know, a hat or a scarf or some socks, instant satisfaction, if you will otherwise, I will remain true to my one and only on the needles!


Pink Dandelion said...

Sorry, I'm coming up blank on good contest ideas, guess I'm not much help there.

I on the other hand can not stand being a monogamous knitter! I'm at a loss for what to do when I only have one project and if, on the rare occurance, that ever happens I'm posessed with the sudden urge to cast-on for something!!!. I have to have my options!! "Lets see, do I want to knit the shawl? Or maybe the the barbie shrug?... how about that afghan? Or that doily from grandma's christmas present? Or my socks, I really want to finish those socks..."

Nope, it's a hopeless case. I am not - and never shall be - a monogamous knitter...

AR said...

Blog contest, hmm, I don't know, just send me a prize! haha just kidding. Sally is so cute! I love her new corset.

roxtarchic said...

how about guessing WHAT THE YARN was & the NEEDLES used (size, brand) extra credit for how many skeins used...? (but then you'd havta stop gushing about beautiful yummy yarns... and i enjoy when ya do that so nevermind) hahah ;)

oh & i'm a monogamist knitter TOO. i havta stick w/my one THANG till i'm good & done w/it! hahah

oh & the pirate quizzie thingie was not easy to post... had to play w/the margins!

have a wonderful wk/end! ;) (and thnx for readin me)

Amber said...

Ooooh, contests are fun! How about a Blog scavenger hunt -- you could have a list of 5 things, like find a knitting blog with "Red" in the title, or find a knitting blog that has a photo of a knitted tea cup...etc.

Then you could draw a name from among all the people who successfully complete the hunt!

I have too many projects going now too -- I need to return to my monogamous ways as well!

del said...

Hee hee, monogamy IS so hard, what with all the projects & the colors & the yarn! Good luck with that!! The corset came out cute, even though you don't care for the ties.

trek said...

I hosted a contest last winter in which I asked readers to guess how much the first sock of a pair weighed. I gave the hint that it was good that I had two 100-gm balls of the same yarn/same dyelot so that they would know that the sock did indeed weigh more than 50-gm. Good luck with your contest.

Dorothy said...

You could get people to guess how many balls of yarn you organized and posted about in the previous post.


Is Sally a rotti? She's very cute. I have a black dog also... x

Romi said...

Hee. Sally's stylin'! :)

sara_jayne said...

Sally looks adorable in her corset-T - SOOOO cute! I still have to come play ball with her some time! As for the contest, I don't have any suggestions, but it does sound like fun!

earthchick said...

Hmmm. You could do a contest called "If your name is Stacey and you have a blog called earthchicknits, you win." No? Oh well, I thought it was a good idea....