Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yarn Girl

I have become a Yarn Girl, perhaps that will now be my code name!
I have become so obsessed with yarn and the accumulation of yarn that it's beginning to get embarassing! I buy yarn all of the time, I love yarn, what can I say?! My dear husband buys me yarn all of the time, too! Gone are the roses and other gifts, now...he buys me yarn and/or knitting goodies...he knows me so well! He is the best husband in the world, you know! My goodness, he surprises me with yarn, he gifts me yarn for special occasions... like this:

and this:

I could go on and on with pics of yarn and goodies that he's given me...all because, well...I'm a Yarn Girl! My stash is growing, I can't knit fast enough to use up my fast growing stash. As a matter of fact, I've got to go to the store to get a few more Rubbermaid containers for yarn.....even with the yarn in rubbermaid containers and that that is tucked away in the bedroom entertainment center, I still need more containers....I have yarn stuffed between the entertainment center and the wall (the yarn is still in boxes that it arrived in!)...I can't have this, can't deal with messiness! MM even put the bed on lifts so that I could easily slide boxes of yarn under the bed (FYI, you can't see the lifts, the bed skirt covers them, because they are ugly and I can't have ugly, either!)! An added bonus to the bed lifting...I can get in and out of bed much easier with my hip and leg, let's say that the bed was lifted because of that rather than just for yarn...LOL!
You see what I mean, Yarn Girl through and are many of you (except for those of you who are Yarn Boys!), I'd wager!
Oh yeah, I was unable to go to the yarn shop Friday because I was in bed (thankfully it's higher now and easier to get in, right?!) due to the increased pain in hip/leg and my sweet MM told me that he would happily get the yarn that I wanted when he went out of town on business Saturday...he returned with these yummies: I am love, loving working with Blue Sky Cotton yarn, it's my new fave! New patterns will be arriving shortly!
Okay, okay, the more I type the more I get the point across...I'm a Yarn Girl. Since I'm such a Yarn Girl and I know that ya'll are Yarn Girls I wrote a new washcloth pattern for us Yarn Girls (sorry, boys.):

YARN GIRL washcloth
I am about to type up the pattern .... later today, when the light is good in the bathroom, I will take some better photos of the YARN GIRL washcloth. Yeah, apparently the month of August is the washcloth pattern writing month for me, Yarn Girl (I like this code name!). I have a few more that I'm writing and knitting up with regular, make my hands hurt, I don't like knitting with it, Sugar N Cream and then, I have some yummy ideas for hand towels for the Blue Sky Cotton yarn....we'll see how these ideas turn out....hopefully better than the 3 washcloths I designed and sent to the pond!
Happy Knitting you to all of you Yarn Girls (and Boys!) from this Yarn Girl!


Sharon G. said...

I'm in love with your Noro...soooo pretty! I wanna reach through the screen and fondle it.

I've never used Blue Sky Cotton, but I'll give it a try. Your new washcloth is fabulous, too!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky, YG! :-) I tell my DH all the time, no flowers, just books or yarn, OK? But he doesn't listen!

AR said...

Hey, YarnGirl!! I can't wait for the pattern. It will make a nice set with the born to knit cloth!!
You're so sweet to share!

Meredith said...

Whoa, that's a lot of yarn! I really want to try the blue sky cotton--I've fondled it before but never bought any.

javede said...

I sure hope that one day I'll have a dh like yours!(which reminds me that I have to remember my dad that my mum's birthday is coming up...)

I love the new washcloth pattern! I'm really tempted to knit it, but don't know what kind of yarn to use. I can't get Sugar N Cream over here. Is it like the yarn you use for potholders? And do you actually use it as a washcloth?

AR said...

I'm so glad we have so much in common. I think that's why I like those silly lists, it's fun to find out stuff like that. Thanks for the cloth patterns, I can't wait to make some. Have to get more cotton first.

roxtarchic said...

thank you... for makin me smile w/the comments today...(you two and the rock shot conspiracy, i'm cracking up)

and now i'm gonna havta give the blue sky cotton a whirl, yarn girl....


Bonnie said...

Yarn, yarn.....precious yarn!

sara_jayne said...

You go! That is a lot of yarn! I'm glad your MM spoils you - that is how it should be! Enjoy it all! I look forward to seeing more of your washcloth designs!

Candace said...

YG, (heh) I'm gona have to try some blue sky, I made a wash cloth out of the Butter Cream Sugar and Spice, or whatever its called and it washed horrible! The colors look bad, it pilled, ick. So I'm gona have to find an alternative. I give them as gifts and want them looking nice.

I love the new design! How cute!

And its hard for me to imagine that you can have a stash, considering you knit so fast!

Pink Dandelion said...

Hey! I should add that to my list of "Things I want in a husband"

"He buys me yarn"

Mama Bear said...

What great yarn, he has good taste!

With all that yarn you may have to start casting on more than one project at a time ;)

Mama Bear