Friday, August 11, 2006

Am I Dirty?!

I have begun wondering if people think that I'm dirty...that perhaps I have the need to bathe frequently. You know, the obsessive 27 baths and or showers a day kind of bathing. Or, are some thinking, "Does she have the need to bathe with 27 different handknit washcloths to go along with her need to bathe with French soaps?"
I do readily admit that I'm deeply in love with nice French soaps...and, I enjoy bathing with handknit washcloths...those yummies knit with Blue Sky cotton yarn.
Anyway, back to my thoughts .... Does this thought prevail?! Do ya'll think that I'm dirty or have an obsessive bathing disorder?! Or, do you know that I've recenty been rebitten by the design a lot of washcloths bug?! I'm thinking that that's it, right?! Ya'll really don't think of me as dirty, right?! Why, oh why do such thoughts travel around in my head?! I look at it like this...since I've decided to blog, I'm going to share these weird thoughts that pop into my mind.
I think that these girls are enjoying bathing with French soaps and handknit washcloths, too! You know, back when girls used to bathe in the river with hats on!
Okay, yes, yes, yes....I have the NEED to design more washcloths..don't know why, really. I think it's got a LOT to do with Blue Sky cotton yarn...I LOVE it! So, that's what I'm doing...knitting up this and that pattern that I conjure and then I do the painstaking writing of the pattern from my "chart"...LOL, if you want to call these things that I make "charts"...I know what they mean (as I'm knitting) and...I know that no one else could decipher these nonsensical notes. And, if I don't write the pattern quickly..I will forget what's meant by the scribblings on paper.
I'm off to knit, I just felt this overwhelming desire to ask the question..."Do you think I'm dirty?" or, "Do you just think I'm a normal, crazy knitter?" know, like the rest of you!


AR said...

Haha! I think you might get some weird google hits from this one!

Mienna said...

*laughs* I'm with AR, I can only imagine the looks on peoples faces. :p

Whimsical Knitting said... being me with my speak/type before I think mentality didn't think of these things!!!
It's often difficult to get around with my foot in my mouth!!!

Amber said...

There are some things in life of which one can never have too many. IMO, all hand-knit items fall into that category! ;-)

del said...

I'm sure it's just the recent washcloth designing that's putting that bug in your head, LOL!

Marietta said...

obsessive knitting is allowed - all for it! btw - i love the washcloths - how cool?!?!

roxtarchic said...

you dirty girl... heheh (couldnt resist) & congrats on the pattern being published... how COOL is that?

Candace said...

Your so silly! I totally understand. I love homemade soaps thank goodness my midwife makes them. She makes a clove soap that is to die for, if you like that sort of thing.

Somebody finally took an "accidental" picture of her HUGE rock! heh Go check it out!

sara_jayne said...

I'd say you are obsessed like the rest us! :)