Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Guitar Man

I decided the time to blog was now...I'm sitting in the living room awaiting the arrival of The Music Man's (yet another code name I'm trying for the hubby , honestly, I do think that I will completely eliminate the idea of code names because I'm becoming far too confused...good grief, I still call my children by one another's names, how can I be expected to remember code names?!)....OOPS, code names have thrown me off topic again...back to the point at hand.....
Okay, I'm awaiting the arrival of the Music Man's birthday present, UPS will arrive sometime today with Lonnie's (see, I already did it!!!) very cool Jumbo 12 string Takamine. My hubby isn't this easiest person to shop for, so, he said that he wanted a new guitar for his birthday so I jumped at the chance to get it! He picked it out and we ordered it. It will arrive today for tomorrow's birthday. We are all quite excited!
On to the knitting's not been very exciting, not alot of knitting going on. As a matter of fact, once again I'm at a knitting mojo is on hiatus again. And, this isn't my regular knitting mojo that I speak of...this is my socknitting mojo, the greatest mojo of all, as we all know.
Well, I guess that I really shouldn't blame this bit of socknitting on my mojo...I'm sure that, actually, my mojo is pretty much intact. Okay, the deal is, I don't want to knit boring socks and, let's face it, you can't knit fancy dancy lace socks for a man...not my husband, anyway. So, I have tried to knit a pair of short sport socks with Wildflower yarn...didn't work, my needles revolted and the sock looked horrible!!! On my next attempt at a pair of socks for my hubby I decided that I was going to put a guitar on the socks, which I did...I didn't like the resulting sock one litte bit...sock #2 frogged! So, in the period of time in which I normally knit 2 pair of socks I had accomplished nothing...frogged socks.
I then decided that I had to bite the bullet and knit a plain pair of k2p2 ribbed socks for my man and I did, well....almost.

I knit the one sock with nice short row heel and toe and I began the 2nd. NOW my knitting mojo is having a fit!!! It really wants to come out and play, not knit a boring k2p2 ribbed sock. So here I am trying my best to knit this other sock (and, mind you...I'm not one who gets SSS..second sock syndrome, either!) and I'm actually incapable of knitting...because MoJo wants to come out and, knit lace, try something new. So, you see, I haven't lost my knitting or socknitting MoJo...Mo is here in full force and ready to go! So, last night after we got home from dinner (several of us went out to celebrate MM's birthday...I think that I might use "MM" as Lonnie's code name...Music Man!!!!) I sat down with pen and paper and sketched (sorta) a picture of Lonnie's new guitar, then I graphed it on knitters graph paper and today I will knit a "note" to put with Lonnie's lunch tomorrow...a guitar cloth (I will add the pattern to the the list of patterns that I've started for the blog) to add to the other "notes" I've put in his lunch (BORN TO IPOD, fortune cookies, and xoxo), which he gets a kick out of.
So, for Music Man's birthday he will have a kick butt Takamine, one and 1/2 socks (yeah, I'm hanging my head , ain't no doubt), some notes from moi (and a few other goodies )...all in all, a good day to be had!!
Ah, I have an update on Moshi and his kitty pi bed....he finally likes it and can be found in it through out the day!

Oh, don't you just love my new Crocs?! Look at the little face in the holes! Lonnie got these for my Saturday.

One more thing...obligatory yarn porn, baby!!! Some of my new arrivals from KnitPicks...Shine Worsted, Swish, Merino Style, Main Line and a couple of size 1 circs for that mojo socknitting.


javede said...

Hmmm yummy yarn! Looks like christmas knitting, is it?
And as for boring socks, atleast there is a visible end to a sock. My secret project has been put away because it's mostly boring the round!!! But I need to finish it by the middle of the month so it arrives in time!

Vicki said...

Look at all the yarn....I have been on a DH enforced yarn diet so I am getting my yarn fixes by checking out everyone elses ymail....Good haul.

Amber said...

I hope you get your sock knitting mojo back soon! Your finished sock looks great, but I know what you mean about 2x2 ribbing.

I love those "notes" you knit for your hubby -- how cute!!

AR said...

Happy Birthday to your Music Man! Your kitty looks so cute in his K-pi. I do love your new crocs, My dd Little Arleta wants the flowers to stick in the holes of hers! Cute!!

DotMom (a.k.a. Julie) said...

Rebecca!!! How nice to pop into your blog -- all your stuff looks perfect,as usual!! Tell Lonnie Happy Birthday for all of us @ KH, too! Hope you get your Mojo back so you can finish that sock!

Oh yeah, and the CROCS!! Love 'em! :lol:

Mienna said...

Happy b'day to MM! Sounds like you have a lovely day planned for him. :D

Sorry to hear about the sock issue. I have major sss, so I hear ya. Right now I'm giving knitting both at once a try. I'm sure they'll be very comfy when they're all done up though, and MM is sure to love them.

Anonymous said...

1.5 socks is'll get that 2nd one finished in no time. I do boring socks all the time! Hope MM has a nice birthday! Look at that yarn porn; I'm glad someone can buy 'cause I can't. :-(

Marietta said...

mr potato head shoes!!!!!!!!!!! it is such a shame that your sock knitting mojo was on the skids for the moment - that is just wrong

Squawker Girl said...

Oh my, I love your cat! Reminds me of Mr. Kitty's friend when we lived in the city! Oh, and like the yarn too. Love the Mr Potato Head croc jewelry as well. Hmm, maybe I am saying I love your taste!

sara_jayne said...

I love that you confuse yourself with code names - my dad still calls us by the dogs name! I think it is cute! I hope your mojo sticks around! What a great yarn order and I think I need to come snuggle with your kitty!