Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Corset T for a Doxie and Stuff

Hello Blogland, What's shaking?!
Well, I've been playing around with my wonderful new camera that my honey man gave me and it's fun! LOL, I've still not figured out all of the features, but I'll get there. I am so happy that I decided not to go with a digital slr, this camera is all that I need. Now, I just need to get busy and figure out all of the photo software that he surprised me with some time ago and I'll be more than good to go on the camera front! I just need to go right on down to Barnes and Noble and buy one of those Dummies books for the photo software, really. I don't know if I'm truly a dummy or if the lingo in most manuals that arrive with electronics and software is actually made for those with degrees in electronics. Let's just go with they are made for those with an electronics degree because really and truly, I don't think I'm a dummy! I do have a college degree, yadda, yadda, yadda...but it ain't in electronics. Nuff about college and whatnot.

Speaking of Dummies books...many of you have asked for the secret to why Lonnie my Music Man spoils me rotten. Well, here it is, the book for your man:

Within these pages your man will find all of Lonnie's secrets....yeah, baby, it's worth a mint, but can be purchased for a few hanks of some yummy yarn.

Onto knitting, not much go on around here these days. After taking several days off for my hands and bird middle finger on my left hand to heel I am slowly getting back into knitting. It's been slow because of that pain in my finger! Between the top 2 knuckles I'm having this awful sharp pain now and again, it is where the needle usually sits against my finger!! The way it hurts you would think I was holding onto my needles like someone was trying to pry them out of my cold, dead hands! But, I wasn't, I guess after a year of conti knitting and holding the needle there for hours a day it just gets sore! Anyway, I've not knit much.

What I have done is work on a pattern for a towel to go with the Flower Power washcloths and (since I forgot about it till the end of the month!!) I began the Aug. kal @ knittinghelp. For this month we are to try something new. My new thing is something I've wanted to try but haven't gotten around to it.... combination knitting. After seeing the Queen of combo knitting on Knitty Gritty I decided to try her lovely Combo Corset T. Don't you just love it?! Well, I don't have any of the yarn that is used in the pattern, but I do have that skein of Swish that I had ordered from KnitPicks right after it came out (my intention was to abuse/use it to see how it held up...I forgot!) and Sally, of whom will look too, too cute with a corset t!!! Don't you agree?!

So, a couple of night ago I cast on and began what I thought was combo knitting....IT WASN'T!! It was trying to knit combination style in the round which just isn't possible as I see it! What I was doing was twisting and twisting and twisting sts until I couldn't get my Option needle (pointy thing that it is!) in the st...I knew I had screwed up because the Queen, Annie just zooms along, not having to dig into her sts! Then the lightbulb (that is sometimes over my head...don't you have one) went off as I realized what I was doing...the way in which one enters the purl st sets up the knit st for combo style...I was knitting in the round, not accomplishing this at all.
I then switched to flat knitting and was having the same twisted problem with garter st...all because I was twisting the knit purl sts involved in the garter st!!! Duh. So I got that figured out and cast on yet again!

After knitting along combo style, the lace is pretty, I'm happy! I then tried it on Sally...too small for her neck (I had apparently lost the ability to do a proper gauge swatch during my time off from was, afterall, a few days, you know ). So, last night I started over yet again! I am quite impressed with Swish, it's held up very nicely to the twisting and frogging of sts...I mean, I was digging into those twisted sts, too...Swish hasn't stretched or frayed at all...I believe KnitPicks has another winner with this one!

Hopefully, in a day or two I will have a nice photo of modeling her modified corset t!


sara_jayne said...

Sally is just TOO prescious and will look adorable in her corset! :) Sorry to hear about the stuggles with combo knitting! I've been trying to learn Conti with no success (I'm a thrower!). I hope your fingers keep feeling better!

midgeling said...

LOL! I can't wait to see the finished corset. I am a continental knitter who only throws when doing 2-handed stranded knitting. I tried throwing during "regular" knitting but my tension was all off and I kept gripping the needles so tight my hands would cramp, lol. I gave up and kept going with my normal style.

Anonymous said...

Love that corset!! I don't know if I'll ever attempt combo-knitting; I'm slow enough as a thrower, LOL!

Kim said...

Hey Becka,
Just wanted to let you know that I am not working on another Lady E right now. I think maybe someone found an old post on my blog, although they seem to know that I am not very good at updating my blog lol

Meredith said...

Can't wait to see the corset on Sally! ;)

AR said...

OOh, I can't wait to see that pic! I think knit picks is pretty right on with their yarn.

Amber said...

I'm impressed that you're trying combination knitting! It sounds really cool, but I have a hard enough time getting my tension right just knitting continental. Maybe one of these days I'll give it a try!

Can't wait to see the corset!


I love the stretchy circs you recommended - but she doesn't ship to Australia!!!

Sean said...

hey there! i am sorry i missed tagging you! i went down my blog roll and hence realized you are not on it! ECH! fixing that now.

as for the music, in your template, you add an embed string. mine is this only with < and > where you see parentheses:

(embed src="http://server_and_song_name_here.mp3" autostart="true" loop="true" width="70" height="20" controls="smallconsole")

you would use a song file from your server in place of what i have in the http there. you can really stop after loop="true but i put a small console so people could stop it if it was getting on their nerves or what not since it repeats. you can put it anywhere in the main section of your template.

aren't new cameras fun?! mine isn't an SLR or anything either but it was just so new fangled to me and i still am excited by it! Have fun with it!

Kelly Jo said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the corset, taken with the new camera of course!! It's good to hear Lonnie is taking care of you with all those presents!!

Mully Nex said...

Oh man I love that corset. I saw that posted and swooned!

Oh my gosh look at everyone here from KH commenting! This is another drive by comment by someone who appears to have no time anymore!