Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Camera.....My Kingdom for a Camera!

I'm in need of a new digital camera! Well, I suppose need is not necessarily the correct term. In all actuality, I don't need a camera, I have 2 digital cameras. I should say, I really want a new digital, one with a few manual controls, fun that doesn't take 97 seconds for the flash to recycle! (97 sec is stretching it, but my camera does lag a bit from pic to pic). And, I really need a camera that doesn't distort colors so like this:

for example, Mo's kitty pi bed doesn't contain such bright colors! They are rather deep jewel tones...or, better yet, they were...kitty pi bed is history, more on that in a moment.
So, I had said that I wanted a digital slr for my birthday, but, as I thought about it I came to the conclusion that at this stage of my life that the dslr is overkill...I'm not out taking fancy dancy pictures like I did in my youth, afterall. Canon announced the launch of several new and improved cameras today...well, they don't come out until Oct and I want one soon, so this tells me that the cameras I've been looking at are gonna be on sale, yeah, baby, can't beat that! So, here's where I am I want either this Canon Powershot A620 or the A 540 and since I can't make up my mind about which one...I have decided that the 1st one that I find on sale will be the one! I mean, that is one of the correct parameters, is it not...finding something on sale?! These are both cool cameras, not expensive, cool features, manual controls to play with...I would be happy with either.

About Moshi and his Kitty Pi bed... well, he was okay with lying in it (when there were no boxes around) but I can't seem to clean hair just sticks to the felting and is impossible to get out. So, kitty pi bed is now in the garbage. I did waste 2 knitting days on knitting and felting kitty pi, but that's okay, Mo is happier with boxes anyway. We have a new SamsClub on our side of town and have started shopping there and those of you who shop at SamsClub know that they don't offer such services as grocery bags, rather you have to scrounge around for boxes to put your things in. Moshi is so happy when he sees us arrive home with boxes! He jumps from box to box. Okay, I've said that Mo is 17 lbs, right, well, right now he is resting happily in a box into which he has stuffed himself. So I am not the least bit upset by throwing away the kitty pi bed!
Onto the knitting front....well, there is NO knitting front! There has been no knitting going on up in here (how do you like my usage of teen vernacular?) Why?! you might ask. Well, I'll tell you hands have been so very sore from knitting with that nasty Sugar N Cream cotton yarn for so long! I apologize, I am overstating, the yarn is great for cloths, it really is, but it's not so great for knitting for long periods of time! I was so looking forward to picking up my luscious Blue Sky cotton yarn, but I have made myself not knit so that my hands would heal, and it's really been hard not to knit! I'm a grown woman jonesing for my knitting! Is this sad or what?! Have I really got a knitting disease?! I can't go 4 days without knitting without having withdrawals, that's for darn sure!
Okay, here's what I have planned, I am going to knit a few more Flower Power washcloths, have another pattern idea that I will share later and I have got to finish another sock and a leaf lace scarf that I have on the needles...I DETEST, and I am not using the word detest lightly...I really DETEST having projects on the needles! I say projectS, I have tried this multiple project knitting that you all do, well, it drives me NUTS! I am and always will be a monogamous knitter...I am true to the project on the needles until I complete said project. Unless, of course, the project is hard to handle, you know a bit difficult, not easily satisfied, etc...when this is the case, I will stray from my monogamy a bit and have a little project on the side, you know, for instant gratification that we often desire...other than that, I will remain monogamous!

Okay, with my rant said and done I have decided that I am ready to knit shawls...I just have to decide which one to knit first...thoughts? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller? Okay, here are the shawls for which I have pattern and yarn: Ruffles from Vogue Knitting (I believe last fall) I really LOVE this shawl, I may have to choose this one because it's just gorgeous..I have Lamb's Pride worsted in a dark blue for this shawl.
Then there's the incomparable Lady Eleanor: I have the lovely Noro Silk Garden that my Music Man gave me for our anniversary for her.
Now, with the yummy SWTC Bamboo yarn that my yarn swap pal, Sara gave me, I will knit the lovely Leaf Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends
I also have another lovely Fiber Trends shawl that I am thinking about using KnitPicks Shine or perhaps Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, that is the Flower Basket Lace Shawl Oh my, I almost forgot! I also have Elann's Pure Alpaca for the lovely Flower Petal Shawl!
I am kind of leaning toward beginning my shawl knitting with Ruffles from Vogue, but I really can't make up my mind! I think that the fact that I've had multiple projects going and then the sore hands have just thrown off my decision making process! There's only one thing that will help....I MUST knit............

I'm so EXCITED !!!! When I was writing this post my sweet MM said that he was going out and would be home in a bit. Well, he was out buying this for me!!!! The The Canon Powershot A540, the one that I really, really wanted!!! How cool is that?! I do have the very best husband in the world!!!!! Yes, I am quite spoiled and darned proud of it!
I'm off to play with my camera......and my husband


Amber said...

Sorry about the kitty pi bed, but Moshi does look very cute (and comfortable) in his box!!

Those Shawls are all gorgeous! I'd have a hard time choosing too!

I also prefer being a monogamous knitter -- I start to feel pulled in too many directions when I have more than one thing on the needles (like now) -- but there are sooooo many things I want to knit, sometimes I can't help myself! ;-)

AR said...

Lucky you! Nice hubby!! Those shawls are beautiful, can't wait to see what you decide.

javede said...

Actually I always asked myself how people woule clean the kitty beds...couldn't you use it as a bowl or something like that?

lol, four days without knitting? I can't even go two without unless there's a major distraction.
Though I love the Fibertrend patterns(haven't knit them yet), the Ruffles looks great too and in worsted it will really keep you warm!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you lucky! That's so sweet of hubby! Now that the camera problem is solved, I did that shawl from Vogue earlier this year--LOVED it. It's the Lace Wrap; make sure you get the corrections because there's an error in the magazine.

Sharon G. said...

Dang, Becka - can your hubby come have a chit-chat with my hubby?? Pretty pleeeaassee?? ;) Lucky duck, you.

I hear you about the multiple projects thing - I don't like to have more than two going at once. One smaller, travel-type project (like socks) and another for those times when I can sit and think.

Oh, let me know what you think about the camera. I need a new one, too. I fear that mine is on its last stopped taking video a while ago, and now it won't take close-ups. Boo.

Vicki said...

I am planning on making a kitty I wonder if I should...hmmm.
The shawls are so pretty, I can't wait to see which you make.

earthchick said...

Lonnie is super!

I'm so into shawls right now - there are several I want to make as well. But they are so time-consuming that I'm putting off starting my next one till I get some other projects done. Can't wait to see which one you choose to do next!

Anonymous said...

re: Midnight in the know, this book makes me want to move to Savannah, so what does that say about me?? I've always heard how beautiful Savannah is & the book & movie did nothing to change my mind about that. So don't worry, I'm not negatively influenced by the book, LOL!

Marce said...

Um...I think instead of spending more time knitting, you need to dedicate yourself to cloning the Music Man.

Christmas is coming, be kind to your knitting friends and send us each one!

Having seen your work too, I know that any shawl you pick will be stunning.

midgeling said...

WOOT! Good for you. I have owned several Canons (the latest and greatest being the 20D) and I have been pretty darn happy with them. Love the shawls, too!

alliesw said...

Oooooh--nice camera--and you didn't even have to give up your kingdom. Can't wait to see more pics!

bonnie said...

Kim of Kim Knits (and sometimes not) is doing the Lady E and she is loving it. You should check her blog out.

And Pam from finished a gorgeous Flower Petal Shawl with some knitpicks yarn. Check her out too!

sara_jayne said...

Moshi does look so comfy in his box! I had a cat that looked just like Moshi (but with one blue and one brown eye) who weighed as much as Moshi and he LOVED boxes and bags of all types! Congratulations on the camera - I hope you love it!

roxtarchic said...

may i just say a big huge... CONGRATULATIONS (5 patterns huh?) yeah i'm catching up on stuff...
and that camera kicks BUTT... i think i love lonnie too!

and i'm alllll about that lady eleanor someday... hmmmm... i wonder where i got the idea to get that GRRRRRReat book from? heheh

Candace said...

Lonnie! You are such a sweetie!

You are just putting the pressure on all the So's. "Well guess what Lonnie got B today?" hehehehe

Love you two!