Thursday, July 20, 2006

I don't know if I can Bear the cat bed!


Chef Knitterie has returned and his service for today is a platter of "Orso Di Compleanno." He's back with a vengence, too...right away he's showing off his language skills. Although, I really should have expected it! He did just return from Europe ... side note, his cousin, Geoffrey may come to live with us!...more on that later.
Back to Chef K's service...with much cajoling, he translated his Italian to English for me...Chef's service is "Birthday Bear."

I still had a good deal of yarn left over after completing the Knitting World Cup, which consisted of tops for Allysa's 3rd birthday. With this extra yarn I decided to knit a birthday bear that matched some of her tops. I have never knit any type of toy, so, I guess I'm okay with the outcome.
If Allysa likes her, I will be ecstatic! I had seen this bear on Knitty Gritty last week and thought it to be a good stepping stone to toy knitting. It was a fun knit, I didn't even mind the seaming as much as I thought that I would! LOL, for a bear, she is a bit tall and thin, I will call this phenomenon the "charm of handknitting."

With the bear off the needles I now have 2 projects OTN! I can't believe that I actually had 3 projects going at once! I'm sorry, but I have no idea why you crazy seasoned knitters have so many projects going at once! I know, ya'll say it's because monogamous knitting is boring and whatnot. Well, once again, I beg to differ!!! I love monogamous knitting. I love the joy of finishing a project and beginning another. I have to tell the truth here, over the past few days when I've had the Birthday Bear, my bamboo scarf and kitty pi bed on the needles...I felt rushed to knit them all at once and not at all relaxed while knitting. I am happy that I gave this idiotic different approach to knitting a go...this is why I had 3 projects going at say I'd given it a chance...As I said, glad I tried it...still don't like it....guess I'm hopeless, I will always be one of the odd knitters out...but, that's okay, the knitting gets done in the end!
Anyway, I'm down to the bamboo scarf and kitty pi bed, I'm sure that the bed will be completed first because I'm tired of seeing Moshi in a box on the bar in the kitchen!
He loves boxes! I don't have the heart to take this one away from him, he's claimed it as his own since Snuggle died. Therefore, I'm knitting a bed for him. I happened to have a shameful amount some WOTA in my stash, as I looked around I found a few of the colors that are in our rug. When I saw that I had the colors, that did it, I knew I had to begin knitting kitty pi for Mo.
Why is it that I can't capture true colors?! A price we pay for fast photos! It does actually match the rug! I do so hope that he likes it and decides that living in a box isn't the best option!


Barbara said...

You know, Becka, you should have started blogging LONG ago. You're doing such a great job with it. Very entertaining and interesting.

Robin said...

Your bears are so cute!

Cats are just so neat, aren't they? I have had as many as 10, but now only have 2. They do love their boxes!

Have a wonderful day, Warmly, Robin

Sharon G. said...

Awww, your Moshi looks so comfy in his box! ;)

My kitties like to sleep on our shoes.

I know what you mean about mongomous brain can't handle more than two projects at once. And, that's when I'm really feeling frisky. hehe.

AR said...

Hi, Chef!! He's back, huh?
Cute, cute bear!! I have some really cute pics of our cat in her kitty pi. I hope Mo likes it.
I can't seem to get real reds or oranges with my camera.

javede said...

That bear is really cute!
Nothing wrong with beeing a monogamous knitter, though I'm probably the opposite ;-)

Mienna said...

The bear's adorable. I'm glad to see Chef K's back, hope his vacation was good. :p

My cats love boxes too, but we have one that particularly love boxes. She claims them for herself and then will bat at anyone else who tries to get in 'em. It's too cute to watch it, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, the bear came out so nice! Hey, Chef!! :-)

Marce said...

The chef does serve up the finest in knit cuisine! Nice bear! I know 2 little girls who better not get a glimpse of that, or mommy's quest to become a mono knitter will be completely blown! You're well underway with Kitty pi too - lucky Mo!

Marietta said...

love the kitty in box - we used to get that alot - especially when they were tiny and they would try to fit into a shoe box or 12 pack of beer :)
really like the bear - very cute and dressed too!