Friday, June 02, 2006

World Knitting Cup Team Change

My original World Knitting Cup team was Team Lady Eleanor Entrelac, an outstanding team, if I do say so myself. Ahhhh, the Lady Entrelac, I have the lovely Noro Silk Garden that my sweetie gave me for our anniversary which will look ever so lovely as the Lady....but..... I hang my head as I admit that I put the Lady & her construction before the birthday of my
Sweet Allysa....this, I canNOT do!!

Therefore, there is a change in my WKC team. My new team will be as follows: "Summer Ensemble." Summer will consist of Knit and Tonic's Girlfriend Swing Coat Sweater, and 2 Short Snort Girlfriend Tank.
Ohhhh, I almost forgot to mention...update on the missing Cone-O-Yarn. The very nice Ebay seller that I referenced in my earlier post refunded my payment! How cool is that?! This lady certainly did not have to refund my money, I had not bought the insurance. I would have continued to shop with her had she not refunded my money, it's not her fault it was lost in the mail. I, of course, went right to her store and bought a lovely skein of Cotton Fleece for one of Allysa's tops. I was lucky enough to get the same shade of pink. I can't say it enough, you run across the nicest people in the knitting world!
I also ordered 2 skeins of Wick yarn from TheKnitter for one of Allysa's tops. I think that this yarn is going to be perfect for a wicks moisture away from the body, it's machine washable & dryable and it actually gets softer with washing...or so it states, I've never used it before, but am looking forward to giving it a try.
So, that's the update for today...good all the way around, refund on my Cone-O-Yarn and change in the WKC team made possible by the refund...well, not actually, but it did make it a quick buy!


Nimmie said...

What a pretty girl! How sweet!

No,you're not the only one prowling about at 3am. I'm a night shift nurse and on my days off..I'm STIL a night shift nurse!

Julie said...

Love love love the swing coat! I bought that pattern a few weeks ago and can't wait to knit it! Youknow, as soon as I finish these socks... ;)