Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Team Summer Ensemble's New Member

Chef Knitterie's service for today is
"Un beau plateau du réservoir de la petite fille avec une partie saine de cabone sonne."

In other words.....those words being English, Chef's service for today is...
"A lovely platter of little girl's tank with a healthy portion of cabone rings."

This is the 6th team member of our Knitting World Cup team, Team Summer Ensemble. Well, actually, I consider Ring-A-Ding tank to be the fifth true member because R-A-D Prototype is merely an alternate, albeit a team member, but an alternate, she isn't playing and I doubt that she will.
Okay, back to Team Summer Ensemble, thus far the members are: Summer Swing Tank, Short Snort Tank, Kidlet Tank, and the teammate that everyone favors, Allysa Halter. A round of applause for the team members, please...they have done well, and with the addition of the newest teammate, Ring-A-Ding, I see another VICTORY in the near future.

It's now time for some information about team member, Ring-A-Ding. Her conception took place last week as I worked on her cousin, Proto (u remember, I called her a "flop," boy, was that a mistake around here!). Anyway, as I was working on Proto I knew that I wasn't going to like her, the more I knit, the more that I learned and thought about Ring-A-Ding. Well, as I was thinking, I was sketching and taking notes and when I finished Proto I immediately cast on for Ring. After casting on the tabs and joining in the round I decided that I did NOT want to wait until I had completed the tank and then sew on the 12-2" cabone rings, so, Lonnie dropped by Hancock's and got 16-2" cabone rings for the tank, I already had the 1" rings from Proto, these were to be used for the front straps of Ring. Anyway, I sewed the rings on the tabs (as stated in a previous post) and I was so happy that I did....especially last night after sewing the back straps to the back ring, I was then all done! Lesson pays to do finishing work as you knit, there's no longer a need to dread doing it @ the end.
Stats: I used size 6-24" addis, 13-2" cabone rings, 2-1" cabone rings, and 2 skeins of Cotton Plus yarn in lavender...I've knit several of Team Summer Ensemble members with Cotton Plus, it's a great cotton yarn for kids! I enjoyed designing Ring, it was really a LOT of fun! I will write the pattern in a few days. Ring is a size 4T, I'm not comfortable with writing several sizes. Although, I will be more than happy to help anyone with changing the pattern...all it takes is obtaining your gauge, the chest circumference of the wearer and a bit of math .
NEXT.....teammate, Girlfriend's Swing Coat Sweater, the final team member of Team Summer Ensemble, our team will then be complete! Now, if only I win all/or some of the Sweet Swag that is to be given away at the end of the Knitting World cool would that be?!


Meredith said...

Fabulous! I really love the back.

AR said...

I love your little chef. What a neat idea. Your knitting is really inspiring. Thanks for checking out my blog, and for the offer of help. You might regret that if I get stuck! Haha.

sara_jayne said...

Ring looks fabulous! I can hear lots of clacking from a little girl as she twirls in the top - but she'll love it!

earthchick said...

Oh my, that is so freakin' cute!!! Great job.

Anonymous said...

The back is incredible!!! Serioiusly, you inspire me, along with lots of other knitters, I'm sure.

Sean said...

the back is AWESOME! ring thing = totally over my head, but i am digging it BIG time. and no one gets 100% on that language thing, i finally figured out. (teehee) AND, although I have perused your blog, I have somehow missed this little chef man. HEART HIM! :) AND, i got my interweave finally the same day i got a late notice from them. ARGH! called them like 3 times to tell them i hadn't received the mag, so how could i have had my "free" 30-day trial. (le sigh) i digress. moral is: you rock. :-D