Thursday, June 29, 2006

Playing With Pictures

Warning....heavy picture content.
As I continue on this blog journey I am finding that there are alot of really cool things on the limitless www that I can play with.
I have had a PhotoBucket account for a couple of years now. As I was uploading a couple of pictures onto photobucket today I decided that it was time to play around with some of the newer features. I like it, I like it alot.

Here is a bucketshow of Team Summer Ensemble:

Then, upon further study, I found the code for this mouse over. Although, I'm not at all sure why it's increasing the size of the photos, which is what's, I resized the, don't you think?!

Then, I played around with thumbnails and tables.

And other
this slideshow.

And this Bucketstamp:

And, finally, the Bucketstrip:

All in all, my very favorite of these is the mouse over.....I'll be using it alot!
I found some cool places to play and learn, and experiment...but, that's enough for today.


Nimmie said...

I love photobucket! I didn't know they had so many cool features! How very cool!

As always I love seeing your works! It makes me inspired to get my needles out and branch away from bags...someday! *grins*

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I really like Bucketstrip. I never have enough time to play around with all these cool features!

sara_jayne said...

I'm glad you are enjoying blogging so much Rebecca! The photo buckets are awesome - I know several of them are available for free which is even better!

AR said...

That photo bucket thing is really neat! Your knitting is very inspiring. Beautiful!
ps I added a link to your blog on my blog. Hope that's ok? Thanks!

Trish said...

I am loving those tanks. You do such lovely work. Just out of curiosity, how do you find the time to make so many things?? There never seems to be enough hours in the day!

craftybernie said...

I love your knitting - the socks are wonderful!

So, are you going to knit that 'Engligh Country Garden' carpet bag from CPY?