Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Today as been a typical Sunday, off to church @ 8:15 so that Lonnie & the band can get in some practice time before services. As they practice I take the time to work on Rose for my sister. I enjoy this time as I sit back and knit and listen to them go over songs for service. I am quietly knitting as they joke back and forth and have a good time, it's as if I'm a "fly on the wall." It's fun to watch and listen to this band of talented musicians and singers talk in musician-speak, they do so enjoy themselves. I took a few photos of rehearsal a few weeks ago, I'm afraid that the quality isn't very good, I had to use the digital zoom which doesn't possess the quality of 35mm zoomage.

My honey playing guitar and singing...he's so very, very talented! After these years of marriage I still get weak in the knees when I listen and watch him play!

Lonnie and Stephans caught unaware.

After church we went out to eat, took Mildred (Lonnie's mom) home & then Lonnie and I went to Best Buy and Circuit City to scope out some cameras. I told Lonnie that I wanted a digital SLR and, Lonnie being Lonnie...took me to the stores right away. I'm so spoiled. I do have the best husband in the world...but, for oh, so many, many reasons!

The DSLR hunt... we were looking @ several today, Canon, Nikon & Pentax. Loved them all! When we got home Lonnie showed me Newegg, I think that we will probably order the camera from there...unless we happen upon an unheard of deal...time will tell.

While out early this evening I got 3 skeins of Bernat Cottontots in berry for Allysa's GF Jacket, I think that it will be fine for a toddler's sweater. I just can't justify spending big bucks on a sweater that's going to get a beating by a kid.

Wonder what Chef Knitterie will be serving up this week. With the upcoming Knitting World Cup he may have some delicious knittisms...time will tell, stay tuned.

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