Monday, June 05, 2006

Stalking the Mailman.....

I know that I have yarn & knitty goodies coming in the mail. So, I stalk that mailman when I know such lovelies are on the way...don't you?!
I usually have Sally with me, and we play ball while stalking the mailman, but not today, my Sally has split a toenail and can't run and play ball until it heals, poor baby.
Today the stalking paid off, once again! I received the Opal sock yarn and notecards that I had ordered from DivaKnitting. To my delight, I discovered a set of size 2 stretchy needles that my dear friend, Cheryl threw in for my writing the sock pattern for her store...what a great surprise!!!
Aren't these the cutest needles you've ever seen?! I can hardly wait to play with them using this yummilicious (or, as Chef might say..."délicieux") sock yarn! But, alas, I cannot do that as of yet...I must finish Rose and prepare for the Knitting World Cup.

Stay tuned, Knitting World Cup updates from Chef Knitterie.........

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sara_jayne said...

POOR SALLY! :( I hope her nail is doing better. She is just such a cutie!