Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rainy Tuesday

Today we are finally getting the rain that we so desperately need, thank God! As in all weather that has barometic changes, my leg and hip are killing me, so, this will be a day spent in bed so as not to aggravate it more...yuck. I must say, after years with this disability and knowing my limitations, I'm still not the least bit happy with having to spend time in bed because of the pain. Although, I am exceedingly happy that I've been doing better over the last month...Praise God!!!
On to knitting. Just what I thought was going to happen happened...I ran out of my Wick yarn before completing the Short Snort Tank. I knit up to putting the ring in the top & I may have a couple of yards of yarn left over, so I will put it aside and begin another Knitting World Cup top for Allysa. I'm happy that The Knitter still has this yarn in stock. I'm so pleased with the service that I receive @ The Knitter, I ordered the yarn yesterday, it was shipped yesterday...free shipping, too...YAY! It should arrive in a 2 or 3 days.
Well, last night when I ran out of yarn I wasn't at all sure which top I wanted to do next, I knew it had to be a tank because I wanted to use the skein of Cotton Fleece that I have. So, with that in mind I began searching, I ran across several cute tops, of course, but none that I really want to knit right now...what can I say, the item has to move me before I want to knit it...yeah, I already have several tops picked out...but, I didn't want to knit one of those yet. I was looking around in my books and online when I happened upon the latest Knitty. I had not given it a second glance when it game to something for Allysa because she's wearing a 4T and the projects were for smaller kids....well, I looked beyond the pictures and used my imagination when I saw Katja. I am going to give it a go...all I have to do is check my gauge and fiddle about with the pattern to alter it to Allysa's size, so that's what I am going to attempt. With this pattern I can knit either a short, midriff halter, or a longer one because I will be attaching the bottom portion of the halter to the "bra" and I will stop when I run out of yarn...this should be fun, so....I'm off to cast on for Allysa's halter.
Oh, I almost forgot... Reid also caught my attention when I was @ Knitty, She will also be Allysa's...but, I won't make it for her birthday, hopefully she will have it when fall begins.

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sara_jayne said...

How do you knit so quickly???? I'm envious! I hope your leg & hip start to feel better soon! {{HUGS!}}