Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Allysa Halter WIP

Today I've been busy creating the Allysa Halter. As I stated in my previous post, I wanted to make a halter for Allysa based on Katja as seen on Knitty. So, I did. I used the pattern for the "bra" portion of the halter, increasing so that it will fit Allysa.
Here we have the cups for the halter.and here is the halter top after casting on the beginning of the garter band, ready to join in the round.
I then joined in the round and knit a garter stitch band under the cups.
I continued the garter stitch band for 6 rounds. I then began an all over eyelet pattern, knitting back and you can see, the lower back is closed and the front is now open, an upside down V shape. All in all, I think that this is going to be very cute! I also stitched an area inside the top, along the garter stitch band into which elastic was threaded so that the top will be snug, if/when it gets too tight Amy can just snip the elastic and pull it out for Allysa.
I am using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn and size 7 addis. I have completed 2 eyelet pattern repeats and I think that I have enough yarn for another complete repeat, I will then, of course, knit 2 or 3 rows of garter stitch to deter curling.
I am going to look around at Hancock Fabrics and around for a decorative something to go on the ends of the ICord ties. I may also thread some ribbon thru the garter stitch band, if so, I will also get something decorative for the end of it....something jewel like...I think that will be the topping on the cake!!
I will finish up tomorrow and post photos of the completed Allysa Halter. I would write a pattern for it, but, the bra portion isn't my design, so, I will probably just add my directions for the alterations that I made in case anyone would like to give it a try.


javede said...

Wow, it looks great so far! And your really quick too!

Nimmie said...

That's beautiful! And you are fast!!

*wonders if chef knitterie sneaks over and knits while you're doing your day to day things..*

sara_jayne said...

Looks great so far - you are SO fast!!