Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kidlet Tank

I completely forgot to mention my Kidlet Tank progress. Well, I cast on for the tank early last evening. I spent the 1st part of the world cup time getting various gauge swatches. I am using size 7 Denises...I've found that my sts aren't nearly as tight as they are when I use my, Denise it will be for this garment! I am using Coats & Clarks' Cotton Plus, which is a nice yarn for toddlets..I just can't spend a lot of $ on yarn for a toddler, sorry! I know that Allysa will beat these most 3 year olds should! I don't want her or her mom to feel like these things need to be treated delicately! I'll do delicate clothes for her when she's older! Anyway, I'm about 40-45% done. I've decided that I am going to add a band of a blue xoxox in the upper portion of the top...she will then be able to carry hugs and kissed from Honey with her.
I was just chatting with some friends @ KH, someone had asked about circular needle storage, so I showed them how I store my a small bucket, which is then put in the cabinet that Bo and Chloe (parrotlet and parakeet) are on. OMGoodness, while I had them out, I counted my circs...I have 56!!! Can you believe?! I have quite a collection, if I do say so myself. Out of this 56, 34 are addis, of course! Then, we have my handy-dandy Denises. I'd not used my Denise needles of late...I'm using them now and LOVE, LOVE them!! I so wish that they had a set with the smaller needles..this would be divine!


Mrs. Bear said...

Have you seen the colored sets of Denise needles at KH? To die for! Reminds me of a new box of crayons on the first day of school.

Kim said...

Hey Becka!

Long time no chat, honey. How have you been? Love your kidlet tank!
Kim (renocat)

Nimmie said...

I don't have any circular needles yet. *sighs*

They are next on my list of "wants" and "needs". I love how you store them! All my needles are in vases..two vases. I have a lot of needles! (Ebay!)

I know what you mean about not wanting to spend a lot for little people. I think is sooo precious to see an 18month old toddler in a hand knit sweater with lace and made with pricey yarn..precious and foolish! My kid woulda had ketchup all over it in a heartbeat! Of course..I had a boy.

When we bought clothes for him in his toddler years the rule was if it didn't have "mart" in the name of the store, we didn't buy clothes there. He outgrew the clothes so quickly I couldn't fathom buying him $20 jeans at Macy's or Sears!

Walmart, (okay, no "mart" there, but you get the idea..)