Saturday, June 10, 2006

Knitting In Public

Today is the 2nd annual Knit In Public, we did just that. This morning I went to the mall to get my haircut, had Allysa's Kidlet Tank WIP with me. I sat on a bench in the mall & knitted away, quite comfortably, I might add. Later, as I awaited my turn with the hairdresser, I knit in the dryer chair as I chatted with my her and other clients. I was able to get quite a few rows done.
Okay, it's well known that I'm camera shy (LOL, always have been, my sister has home movies of me running away from the camera when I was a kid!). Chef Knitterie volunteered for the job as model...he does it so well, he's quite a ham; whether he's cooking it or hamming it up for the camera! As you can see, he was serving Kidlet Tank on a platter both in the car and in the buggy outside of the mall.
After my haircut (it certainly looks and feels much better!) we went to ACMoore to grab another (possible) part of our Knitting World Cup team....some cotton yarn for another top or two for Allysa. These are possible additions to team "Summer Ensemble," Summer Swing Top and Child's Party Tank. I'm not entirely sure that I will actually be knitting them for the WKC, if I don't get around to these tops during the Cup, I hope do them afterward. There are so many cute girl tops, and I want to do most of them for Allysa!...what are Honey's for, if not spoiling?! Okay, officially team "Summer Ensemble" consists of 3 tank tops and the Girlfriend Swing Coat, the others are the icing on the cake. I want to get as many done for her 3rd birhday as I can.
Hmmmm, I think I will head out to do some more KIP....Happy Knitting!

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Nimmie said...

I love the chef! He looks fab out in public! So swanky with his little tray!