Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It's a COLD day!!

Hello Knitty People!
I will continue to post, hoping that my dereliction of my blog for so long is soon a forgiven and forgotten thing and soon friends and followers will return
It is very cold  here in the Southeastern U.S., very unusual for us to have temps in the 20's, which makes me feel for you guys who are in very cold climates!! STAY WARM! It is good weather for knitting, though, isn't it?! LOL, of course, all weather is good for knitting in my book!
I finished my shawl and must take some photos but because I'm in bed virtually all of the time as I await my surgery next week I've not had the opportunity to take pictures of the shawl. It did turn out quite lovely, if I do say so myself! As anyone who knows me fave yarn company is SWTC & their Therapi yarn did not disappoint with this shawl! I used 10 (yes, 10!) skeins and made a huge shawl, I LOVE IT, I can wrap it around me! Especially great in this cold weather (LOL, if I were getting out any!).
I've finished one project that I'm submitting for consideration in the upcoming 101 Lace Wonders book and 1/2 completed the 2nd one! I'm quite excited, SWTC has graciously supplied the yarn for the I've said, SWTC is my favorite yarn company, not simply because their yarns are spectacular, but the people are, too! I'm off to knit...
Ahhh, my girls are staying wrapped up you can see by the look on Sally's face, they aren't fond of cold weather, LOL!


hakucho said...

Yes, the cold weather is good for knitting ;)
It's much warmer here today, but yesterday was frigid. The older I get the more I hate the cold. Guess it's time to move south ;)

happy knitting and happy new year :)

CraftyCarole said...

i had a bad blogging year as well.... but welcome back to blogland. maybe we can spur each other on. I have two FOs to post about.

Stay warm. Yesterday on my way to school it was 8° F... BRRRRR time for the woolies.. I even wore felted mittens.

Funny I'm knitting with cotton right now. Guess I should grab the wool out!

Happy New Year!

Lynn said...

Love your blog! I was away for a while too, and I am hoping to get some friends back as well.